Most important tools

For your alter, if you want to summon a spirit, what are the most important “tools” to have?

Again, total newbie here and I am using the search option and posting too! I promise to slow down with the questions! I’m sure one day I will cringe at all these questions! This takes me back to my photography journey! (Now a professional photographer) I was just full of questions - I wanted to know as much as possible. (I overwhelm myself - pre-warning) :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

Your heart and your mind.

Everything else is icing. If you pick a book to work through follow the directions in the book.


It depends on what kind of system you are working in. What goes on a religious demonolatry altar, for example, is different than what goes on a ceremonial magick working altar.


I was thinking more of an alter that you would use to summon demons. I’m interested in doing this. But doing it the right way - the safest way. Not just going in blindly.

I need to work through some of the EA videos of the course! Probably a good place to start! I just feel more comfortable with human interaction and making sure I’ve asked the right questions before jumping in at the deep end.

Both of the kinds of altars I mentioned are used for summoning demons.


Honestly, crystal balls and mirrors (normal or black).

They can both be portals, divination tools, and energy working mediums all in one object. They’re more discrete, too. Less noticeable to people. Perfect for opening/charging altars, or evoking without messy ritual setups.


Do you have any information on the workings on the different kind of systems to set up. I’m sorry, I really am very new to this. Eager to learn, but new.

You will need to decide for yourself what approach you want to use. I recommend you read a book on the practice of demonolatry, like The Demonolator’s Guide to Demonic Magick, by S. Connolly, and a book on ceremonial magick, like Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits or EA Koetting’s Evoking Eternity, and see which method appeals more to you.

Altars can be simple, or they can be complex. Which you use can depend on many factors, such as how much space you have, whether you have a dedicated room for your rituals and can leave your tools out, or if you have to hide the altar away from prying eyes, etc.

There are also methods of evocation that don’t require a dedicated altar at all (note that any table or surface that you use for a ritual automatically becomes a de facto working altar).


Thank you! I will check out both of those books. I think my biggest problem is the terminology, which I know in time will become more familiar. You are very helpful, I appreciate your time. I’m sure I can easily annoy with so many questions. But, I hope not to be seen that way. Just as an avid learner. :slight_smile:

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Honestly i take mind power over any form of altar.


The tools are optional for me. My communion and magic happens internally personally. When I’m home and not offshore my tools are reminders full of energies I’ll pull from because I’m in my temple. They really are just mental anchors that help me get in the zone for lack of a better word and are plainly just entertaining to me personally. Try not to get caught up in having all the right things right away. Take what helps you internally and leave the rest. I’ve had my greatest rituals with loose leaf paper , and electric small candles lol. It’s all about your alchemical internal processes.


Thank you! I think it’s just mentally wanting to make sure I’m doing the right things.

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Oh I get it. Just trying to reassure you that what really matters is your intent and focus with an open humble heart.

Yes, definitely, I am very humble with an open and big heart - sometimes too big of a heart. I tend to lean toward empath also, I pick up a lot of “feelings” in both words and passing strangers even. It’s strange because as much as I am humble, mistaking my kindness for a weakness is a big mistake. Hence I really keep to myself.

Thank you for helping with the questions I ask :slight_smile: