Most helpful and accessible demons

I have been interested in magick for years, very eclectic in approach. Yet, I also maintain a balanced and humble mindset, don’t want to ever succumb to being a know-it-all type.
Having said that—-I’m looking for a cross section of views on which demons from personal experience seem to be genuinely most helpful and accessible. I don’t want to overlook the opportunity to work further with potential good relationships.

What works for someone doesn’t necessarily works for another , do some research you will be drown to the one suitable for you! I would say Lucifer is good for beginners! Best of luck!


I’ve heard that Lucifer is very beginner friendly and in my own experience he’s very approachable. Just be respectful and you should be fine. Well wishes!


Good answers. I have done research and have experience. But I am just one guy. Would hate to overlook working with a few demons who might be really helpful and accessible compared to others. I do understand that each one of us is different and so our experiences with a particular demon might not be as successful (or be more successful, in some other cases) as someone else. But hearing some testimonials from folks with various experiences can sometimes be encouraging.

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I recommend King Paimon. He was one of my first successful evocations and very understanding of my…um…beginner-ness.

He has my utmost respect.

One thing that might be useful for you is EA’s book Works of Darkness. In it, there is a sigil magick pathworking that is designed to guide you into beginning to work with the demonic. It starts with Martal, then Kaltemptal, King Paimon, and Belial.


I second that, King Paimon is very patient and understanding when approached with the right attitude. He is a most wonderful teacher.

Lucifer is great to work with, too. I haven’t worked with Him nearly as much as with King Paimon, but He has shown me a glimpse of what He can do, and it was amazing. Both Lucifer and King Paimon appreciate honesty, and straightforwardness, and they have a highly intelligent, pragmatic, cut-the-crap approach. In my experience, they will make you face yourself in ways that can be surprising or even shocking, but they will never ever let you down if you come to them with trust and openness.

I can only encourage you to eventually listen to your own gut feeling. People will always give you different views, some will disagree, but at the end of the day, you will probably feel drawn to certain spirits and these are the ones you should approach imo.


Thanks for the input.

Naberius is really chill and really helpful. Aside from him, I find Agares and Astaroth to be very good choices. Agares loves dirty jokes, by the by.


Thanks for the comment. Coincidentally, I had looked at those three just this week more than before. I have sigils of Lucifer, King Paimon, Purson, Orobas, Bime/Bune, Clauneck on my dresser now. And a statue of Pazuzu. Gave cup of coffee with honey to Pazuzu earlier. Spring water to King Paimon. Drops of blood on the sigils of Bime/Bune and Clauneck. Did some chanting this week, meditation. Some methods from various books like LHD, GOM, etc.
(Also did some angel work, as well as old fashioned prayer to God (not a limited theological definition of God from any specific denomination or tradition but appealing to the God beyond all dogma and human definitions).
Felt the vibrations that usually precede an out-of-Body experience tonight without even trying to have one. But didn’t actually astral project. Feel relaxed and at ease.

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Sorry I am a beginner so how does one exchange dirty jokes with a demon? Do you tell him dirty jokes or does he tell you? I have started working with Agares so this looks interesting to me.

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Just say the joke out loud after summoning him. Until your metaphysically swole enough to telepathically communicate back and forth, speaking out loud and observing the environment around you for signs is a common method.


Any demon really, they all don’t treat each person the same but the thing is there’s really no such thing as most helpful because they can all be helpful and all have some form of opportunity to befriend. It’s just a matter of approach.


When you think you’re ready Azazel and Furcas are good to work with.

Anyone with light bringing character, those who teach, share knowledge…
I myself started with Azazel. It was years ago. And not long after that, I met Samael. :heart_eyes:

Apparently (?) Astaroth (or Astarte, I guess) is my deity or connected to me, so I will try to connect with this. I need a buffer spirit of sorts to try and see the difference in energy. I’ve been working with Thoth but his energy feels like a more sterile, astute and fatherly version of mine - so I don’t even know sometimes.

What’s Astaroth like?

As with most spirits, I work with Astaroth’s feminine aspect. She’s gentle but firm, merciful and understanding. Most of the time Astaroth is serious, but she has a playful streak, and will good naturedly tease, to help us relax while we learn and grow. Very solid spirit to work with. If you want to work with her and don’t already know her enn here you go: Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth

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I like that :slight_smile: I have some good ones to tell him.:wink: :smiley:

Gratitude for the responses from you all.

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