Most Efficient Way To Harvest Death Essence?

Right in, gotta question for you, whats the most effcient way to absorb or harvest death essence? I read up on it but there are limitations due to my living arrangements. As far as being able to dwell in a graveyard to collect DE. I’ve heard of other ways but I need to be able to tap into it regularly any info would help, brother.


Necromancer roll call! Frater Magni reporting for duty. I’m a Norse and Vodun practitioner and I work with demons as well. Necromancy came quite naturally to me and I’ve learned lots through the tutelage of Baron Samedi, Maman Brigitte, Mother Hela, Nidhogg, and the Ghede. It’s such an underrepresented arte on BALG.


@FraterMagni he’s your man ! If he can’t do it no one can !

Seriously he is good at what he does :slight_smile:


I typically envision and pull it from the earth.


You can work with Hela Norse goddess, you can work with Ran another death goddess, you can work with Ereshkigal, you can work with Ala, African goddess of the earth and death


Nergal, Hekate, etc.


Go to a graveyard. Open your mind up and allow your intuition to take you to a grave. Sit in front of it and touch the stone. Read the name and the words on the stone. Close your eyes and clear your mind. When you have cleared yourself, call out to the occupant of the grave. Ask for some of their energy in return for an offering of coins.


@FragniMagni that is almost exactly what I was going to suggest too to our friend above. I hope that he reads this too?

Anyway I find that being in my local cemetery and sitting beside the graves and sometimes sitting on them especially if they are covered by a cemetery slab, But always in a respectful manner with offerings such as bourbon or whiskey, tobacco & chocolates sometimes even money.

Anyway my point is that it’s a great way to connect with the death current for a start. Some of the graves are from early settlers with iron fences surrounding their graves so nobody can sit in there or get in there at all and nor should they. Although sometimes when really needed I ask permission from a very old grave over 130 years old now.

I always ask permission whether I can gather some dirt from within their/his/or her gravesite, The boy that I work with is usually is wonderful and so evolved. He used to live in our house a few years back but that’s another story for another time. Lol

I have done part of an alnight sleep/trance death vigil to help me to become one with them. I was told that new necromancers need to do this at least once usually from midnight until dawn. I didn’t last until dawn but in my defense I’ve got problems with my back from old injuries.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done an alnight death vigil? Where you actually lie upon the grave and lie their quietly but not sleeping but lying on the old dirt if you can find graves like that? Whetever you are to have done so that is,

Anyway then one goes into a light trance to truly connect with the dead. Until you literally feel like your body can’t move. Until I virtually dead too. Then one usually feels a light cold wind and feels shivers to the bone. Death has an icy cold grip and to be truthful It was kind of really scary for me as I was all alone.

I only had the light of the moon to see by because I put out my lantern so that I could get as close as possible to death. Hekate was the one whom gave me the strength and watched over me with her dogs as my guardians watching over me,

As I’ve worked with her for many years as my Patron Goddess she was an obvious choice. Not only that Hekate never ever lets me down! Otherwise I could have never done it at all. It’s not the dead I’m afraid of, it’s the living but thankfully no one had decided to visit their loved ones in the early hours thank the God/dess.

Whenever I go there I always ask the individual graves/spirits that I feel drawn to, if they’d like to work with me or not? Then after awhile I wait and tune into them telepathically. So far they have always told me yes.

I’ve been practicing necromancy quite seriously now for the past 7-8 years and not once has any spirit that I’ve felt drawn to has ever said no. I really enjoy visiting cemeteries especially historic ones. The older the better IMHO anyhow.

I always treat all of my spirits with the utmost respect and always give them offerings and treats for their help. As well as always acknowledging “the Gatekeeper” of the cemetery “Necropolis of the Dead” meaning city of the dead of course.

I also work with the great Goddess Hekate in her Chthonic form as she has the illumination, the keys and everything needed to guide me through to the underworld. She is the one whom helped me adjust to the feeling of working with the dead.

Sometimes even on a really hot night I can still feel so cold sometimes that I literally sit or lie there and can’t move. However that is one of the best ways to connect with the disincarnate is to feel their death energy/current which is cold and very dry. At first it frightened the hell out of me it really did. But now obviously I am used to it,

Sometimes I have done some rituals at night there because we live in a very safe area with a fairly small population so thankfully our local cemetery never closes because it doesn’t have to. I’m always respectful and never leave anything behind.

I find that lanterns are often far more practical to use as often candles get blown out due to the wind that always seems to come out of nowhere. However after some experience with it now I know better.

I’ve experienced some incredible things that would take me forever to explain. However I might add that I also practice necromancy at home within my ritual room and occasionally at night on the beach. But not in tourist seasons like Xmas and Easter of course. Lol

I have a true passion for necromancy but like others have said such as yourself. That there doesn’t seem to be many necromancers on BALG and sometimes I wonder why that is? It’s not as darkity dark that people assume it is as you would know yourself. I just hope that I can find more fellow necromancers to converse with on here?

I sometimes think for many on here are only interested in evoking or invoking demons of all kinds. I’ve had experience with the ultimate one Lucifer. But he comes to me when it suits him. I’ve written about my very personal experiences with Lucifer Archangel of the Morningstar on another thread entitled “Experience with Lucifer”? Started by someone else here on BALG.

My point is too many here on BALG it’s not always about demons and Godforms. As believe me some of the dead/disincarnate are incredibly wise and we mere mortals can learn so much from them…I’m telling you that for sure.

To be honest that’s why I left BALG ages ago after I first joined because I felt like a “fish out of water” hereso to speak. I’ve been back on BALG for a week or so and have found some interesting discussions on various topics and got to know some cool people and hopefully more on here such as yourself and the original author of this thread. Sry I can’t scroll to get your name without losing what I’ve written and I’ve written a lot.

Guess I should start a thread myself on Necromancy? Anyway all the best to the necromancer whom began this thread and @FragniMagni as well.

I hope that what I’ve written may help novice necromancers? However there is so much to it and to be honest I didn’t choose it, the spirits chose me because I saw my first spirit when I was only 10 years old. So it’s a natural ability that I’ve inherited from my maternal side.

Well must go now as it’s nearly 11pm. Because like most necromancers if In going to practice it? I usually do starting at 12am and like to finish by 3am. So it’s another necromantic night for me but in my ritual room.


There’s a slaughterhouse within a mile of where I live, I actually worked there for a while… Anyways, the aura of death permeates those kinds of places like a fog that somehow feels like it has weight to it.


The book Charnal Whispers by Somnus Dreadwood can be purchased at .
It discusses methods for this.


Morian black quartz… It absorbs all energies especially fear and hate.

Smash it with a hammer to release said energies.

Moldovite would be a more extreme and expensive option.



Yeah I know what you mean. It’s the same if you go inside an old asylum and some old hospitals too. You feel where the dead have suffered. I believe it’s always a strong feeling that most people can feel. Especially if they are intuitive in anyway.

Wherever blood has been spilt leaves an aura an essence if you like from the blood that has been spilt. That’s what you probably experience near the slaughterhouse. Some people think animals don’t know when their going to be slaughtered but the fear in their eyes says it all. They do know because it’s so visceral to every living creature.

Also any house that is haunted by a spirit for some reason such as murder is really awful. I can feel them and hear them and sometimes I can see them. It can be incredibly overwhelming IMHO that’s for sure.

Dark Blessings,


Ok… THis may be a somewhat butthead response but, what the hell… Y’all ought to be used to that from me by now anyway…

Death is all around. It is everywhere. Probably in your yard there is the sight of where someone died or was buried. The building you are in had people who died in it…were.buried under it or died on the land before it was built upon. There is absolutely NO reason to leave your bed to reach the death current. Focus on the dead themselves. I meditate and I can go to the cemetery. I can invoke all the energy I need. I can pull in death gods/goddesses and get it. I can travel to the river Styx and many other places of the dead over there. This is not even all of it… What I am saying is that if you want it it is at your fingertips. It is within your breath, your grasp and your mind. Do not limit yourself to the idea that you must go to the cemetery to touch a tombstone or sit in a mausoleum to gather death energies from the death current. I can bring it in and my home becomes a place of death and feels like death itself. Other people in the house who do not know what I am doing notice the shift in the energies, and get creeped out. To be honest sometimes it is so strong it freaks me out too! And I am the one who did it! lolol!

My point? Don’t limit yourselves my Lovelies! Don’ think outside the box. Burn it!


Hi all, I’m new here but also have an interest in necromancy. I see @FraterMagni mentions a number of patrons but any devoted necromancers out there who are devotees of Santisima Muerte? She is a popular figure and yet not one often discussed in formal necromantic circles … not that I’ve seen, anyway :slight_smile:

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By The way, i got in Kleczew big Jew cementary those jews was killed by nazist in World war 2
And there was thousands of them there are three large graves in forest far from city without any lights and like i said i wont go there it is leaved by people when i was there i saw a old axeman chopping trees on night
Old womens…
And there is rly active area they got power…and they are not nice…

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Saturnian Acolyte/Devotee and occultist here, i havent done any necromantic workings yet even though my Patron and skillset would help insanely, i wish to do it soon because theres a large graveyard by where i live and think it would be great. i recommend calling on the component spirits of the Black Cube or the forces of Saturn to get the spirits to obey your requests would help greatly. Considering he is a primordial cthonic deity which rules over Death and the Afterlife

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The Cabal is mad sketchy. idkkk

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Go to a nursing home those people are on the death bed and some times they have recently deceased people’s energy about no need to stand in a graveyard like some emo teenager wearing all black…just take the remaining energy from these old crippled fucks…

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Also if you enter a graveyard at nite the cops snop about and arrest homeless ppl and hookers who venture into the tombs…a nursing home filled with the dead and dying is a good place to go or a haunted building with history of mass deaths the southern states are jam packed with them…

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Hey! I know some necromancers who do work with with santa muerte and I think @Lady_Eva does have some experience with her as well as @FraterMagni if I remember correctly