Most effective to evoke amon

i was wondering which is the best ritual to evoke AMON
the options i thought of were

  1. Goetia book by tristan whitespire
  2. Corwin’s book - pathworking rituals
  3. Damon brand’s rituals
    or are there more effective options
    Among all these which is the best for a beginner and perhaps the most effective. Tough to choose among all these because all of them are unique in their own right
    Any suggestions would be welcome
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Corwin’s Goetia Pathworking would probably be the easiest for you.

sure thanks a lot

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I love the goetia, and it does my heart good to see new initiates looking to join the fanaticism I share with them🤪

is it better that i use anyones help to do the rituals on my behalf such as layered love spells etc .or do u think i can do it on my own by following the rituals as mentioned in corwins book. ur opinion please

I’m always one for doing it yourself.

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sure thanks a lot. just to reiterate i just follow the rules in corwins book and have the right intent and do the ritual whole heartedly. am i right ?

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Yes, just follow the instructions. It’s fairly simple and, while you don’t have to do the three day purification part, it can be helpful when you’re first starting out.

I got the Goetic WoP book by Tristan Whitespire but I never used it (I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to use the astrological correspondences the author mentions).

I got the DoM book by Gordon Winterfield, but it worked 10% of the time for me, and only with mild results.

The way it worked for me was… the easy way: draw the spirit’s sigil myself, chant the enn while gazing at it with the intention of making contact, offer candles and incense that the spirit likes, make my petition, make a promise in gratitude, and let them take care of it.

It has been working way better than anything I did before.

Amon is not particularly hostile, so I think it’d be safe for you to do it this way as well (the situation would be different if you were calling aggressive Goetic spirits, though).

thank u for your reply … yes i have the book and will go through it

You may evoke Amon when you’ve evoked yourself, because you’d have to invoke them in order to project them. There’s no other way to say this but, evocation is the most advanced of all evil practices, save evocation itself. The art of evocation is one that’s such as this: if you can evoke Amon, you don’t have to ask how to evoke Amon. You master the art of evocation through the mastery of the self. You have to master the psyche and the subtle nuances of the self in order to adequately project a safety space for yourself to be while you’re projecting a safe space for the demon to appear as well, while simultaneously believing you’re so godly that you’re able to constrain said demons should they act up on you and potentially assault and batter you or someone close by your immediate proximity.

You’re also believing that you can be able to open up metaphorical or shall we date to say, actual metaphysical portals in said other dimensions to further constrain entire portions of universal consciousness as well as moving dimensions around and time warping something into material form, thereby having altered the densities of everything within your safe spaces. Master evocation should be prefaced by saying also the mastery of time and the universal consciousness, matters of the mind and the soul, and what the fuck is spirituality anyway, this is a psychological and metaphorical science in and of itself. Now add the spirits and what they’ve said about all this as well… And for Godsakes hopefully we’re able to close those fucking portals if and only if we couldn’t open them ourselves because the spirits have to trust that they won’t swat you into next season of desperate housewives.for disturbing the archangels of God to ask them to fetch a piece of pussy for you. Goddammit oh please please forgive us, we sounded like old man king Solomon there from the Bible years, “It’s all meaningless!! Fuck it all, a time to live and a time to die, a time to wage war and a time for peaceability.!!!”