Most dramatic things to happen to me during/after evocation of the Goetia

Hi all!

As I’m new on this forum, I thought I’d post something about my experience with Goetia evocation. Specifically, the more dramatic things that I’ve experienced either during evocation or just after it.

Two big examples come to mind as I write this.

The first happened last summer; I was in my house, in the bedroom specifically, using Gordon Winterfield’s Connective Evocation method. As soon as I finished, I went off to the kitchen. As I was chopping away at some veggies for dinner, I heard an almighty wrenching sound followed followed by a very loud crash. I rushed back to my room to discover that the metal grating over my window had come clean off! I’m not speaking of a piddly piece flimsy metal; this was a fully reinforced heavy iron grate used to stop thieves from entering. It was simply as if it had been ripped off the wall it was attached to and chucked onto the ground outside my house. There was no gale force winds that day, in fact it was very quiet.

When I went outside to inspect the damage, it looked as if the metal bolted to the house had been twisted off it’s heavy hinges. The handyman who came later to do the necessary repair work just couldn’t understand how it had happened.

Needless to say I was impressed; most of my Goetia evocations don’t produce such physical manifestations of the demon’s presence. I received my result the very same evening!

Another experience I had felt just as dramatic. Right at the end of the evocation, as I gave the demon license to depart and spoke the last word, all my electricity went down and I was plunged into darkness. Thankfully, it was still rather early in the evening so there was some light.

So there you go, just a few things that have happened to me. Has anyone else experienced such dramatic manifestations of a Goetic demon like this?


The most dramatic thing that happend to me was, me getting poked, i didnt know he was there already lol.


This was dramatic because then I didn’t quite have the belief I have today and I was still learning about things. But one day I went for a shower and when I came out the room was really really full of steam which is understandable, now that I think of it it was probably more than normal. But I get out the shower, drying myself and all when I look on the side of my corner and noticed something was wrong. The mirror wasn’t steamy.
It had a heart, name and a hand in it.
I wish it had been a girl or something, but I was completely alone in that house. It made me shiver, I looked at it for a good minute or so trying to realise what was happening and then the name on it and the hand… And I started sobbing badly.
Im not going to say more about it but it was dramatic then, guarantee.
Stranger stuff has happened but the way I felt about that then, it kind of shook my foundations…

P. S. : forgot to mention… I was having the shower because I hadnt slept much that day, I was in ibiza and I was getting prepared to evoke Astaroth.


A small update on some recent evocation.

I had just finished evocation and my electricity flickered on an off very briefly.

That happened with me as well a couple of times. Light going out either during or right after maigick ritual seems to be not that uncommon.
It’s well known that spirits interfere with electro/magnetic fields


Yes, I definitely seems to be that way, doesn’t it!

It’s total speculation, but I wonder from time to time, if they do it on purpose, or if it is simply a result of their lingering energy in the space you call them.

I once evoked the angels, and the moment it was done, my entire block went down! Literally the second I said ‘Go now in peace’

Which demon you evoked in regards to the metal damage? Also did you heard the demon when doing the connective evocation?

Regarding the metal damage, I had just finished evoking Bime.

Yes, I heard the demon’s voice speaking to me. Well actually, to ask me a question or two regarding how I wanted to proceed.

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I wonder if being able to hear the demon (greater energetic connection due to “you experience the demon more”) can contribute to a greater effect on the material in this 3 dimensional sphere :thinking:

For my case I’d say being dragged by my ankles for less than a foot in my bed it was quite an intense scare,
or sometimes just a quick powerfull pull of my legs, when this happen as I’m geting used to it I jus kinda say “shush now I’m tired I want to sleep, let me do so”

For the rest of powerfull things I’m not sure of the source so maybe for another time :yum:

Hmm, I’ve had a few “dramatic” things happen.

One, I was just done taking my shower and got out, and closed the shower curtain behind me. Well after I had, I saw the shower curtain slide open and close again. Like someone else had stepped out of the shower too.

Another time I was in my bed, and I felt/heard something smack my mattress, right between my legs…as if someone had smacked the mattress with their hand or something. That startled me. Of course right after that happened, I sensed my lady was with me…

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I remember after my very first ritual with Geotia demon , within the first week a candle stand almost fell on my head , I almost stepped on broken glass , the apartment right above me caught fire and things were breaking and falling all around me , One day I was brushing my hair looking in the mirror and wondering if it’s because of the ritual when a voice in my head asked: “Did you get hurt in any way due to any of this ?” and I said : " well no" then the voice said " then isn’t it an indication that you are protected?"
2 years and many many rituals later , I still believe I’m protected and there’s no need to be scared :slight_smile: