Most confusing thing for me!

So, why would someone contact other spirits for like things if Lucifer can get anything? Please explain it to me I mean I am confused, is there any difference? I am probably now looking stupid but I am newbie and you know :smiley:

There are entities who may do a bit of everything, but each one has its specialtes, Lucifer included; for example I think they are discussed here

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I think it boils down to personal preference.

The spirit world is way more fragmented that the physical realm you perceive. There is just no comprehension from a human perspective on the power that truly lies within and around us.

We naturally want to closely identify and so we search through the data to find something or someone that we believe is best suited for our needs. hence the myriads of gods, demons, angels, fairies, ancients, sylphs, udines, dragons, saints, spirits, ancestors, titans, aliens and not to mention the multitude of pantheons they all derive from.

So start with what you like, what interests you, what calls to you and go from there. In the end you will connect with the ultimate power…YOU!