Morriganic Magick

Here I will post spells, rituals, meditations and visual techniques that pertain to The Morrigan.

Poison Cloak:

  1. enter a meditative state.
  2. Recite incantation: Morrigan! Battle goddess! Phantom queen! Lady who flies over the battlefield with shrieks of death and terror! I call upon your guidance in this hour! Bestow upon me your grace and wisdom, my lady! I invoke thee!
  3. breathe out a black mist. This mist, shall astrally poison anything that would try to harm you, on every level.
  4. recite second incantation: "By Morrigans name and the divine power coursing through me, this mist shall cloak around me, veiling me from harm, bringing harm to those that would harm me. This mist shall not harm me. So be it!

See it act as a cloak.

Advice: cleanse your aura after use.


I worked heavily with her for a time, and she kicked my ass harder and more personally than any other being I have worked with.

Here is a song that seems to do her justice and she also seems to respond well to it in ritual, and good for quick meditation. There are various versions of it as well.


Healing on the new moon
I call Morrigan with this phrase: Haha Morigan, watashinokoto o kiku (Mother Morrigan, hear me in Japanese. I’m still working on the language so probably not perfect)
Here is the sigil I drew for her

The song, Up From the Ashes by The Letter Black

It’s time you look me in the eyes
It’s time, see the blood prize
Thought you’d leave me for dead
But this bloods shed.

Nothing left to loose
Blood’s energy to use
After all you put me through

Hell ya, I’m ready, ready to fight
Hell ya, I’m ready, ready to fight

Never give in, this isn’t my death
I’ll live again and keep on breathing
I’ve bled and heal, no regret
Burn it away, become a true asset
To rise up, rise up from the ashes

Time to boil the blood, white hot flashes
Time to bury the ashes
The Phoenix, bursting forth, leave it behind
I break this Bind.

chorus x2

Will be doing this one tomorrow with a sigil and blood. Burning the sigil and scattering the ashes.