Morrigan interesting experience need some thoughts on this

All said and done , I’ve been attracted to Morrigan lately so I decided to meditate on it , calling her name in meditation finally i somehow manage to poorly do a astral projection , as i was falling through space a hand helped me from the darkness of abyss as i was not able to do shiet ( not sure that was Morrigan tho) anyhow after that i kinda fly around a bit and i meet a veiled lady and she like does the most terrifying battle , shrieking Scream , was enough to make me tremble a little , but as I’m not really that afraid of such things i took all my power and i did the same scream at her :joy::joy: after that things started falling out, any thoughts on this ? XD

Why would she shriek at me like that ( scare me ? Nice try lol :laughing:) have no ideea didn’t say anything

My initial thought reading that is that it sounds like you encountered or saw a Banshee

A form of test?

If you click the link the following is interesting:

A Banshee is a disembodied spirit and can appear in any of the following forms:

  1. A beautiful woman wearing a shroud<<<<<<<<

  2. A pale woman in a white dress with long red hair

  3. A woman with a long silver dress and silver hair

  4. A headless woman carrying a bowl of blood that is naked from the waist up

  5. An old woman with frightening red eyes, a green dress and long white hair

  6. An old woman with a veil<<<<<<< covering her face, dressed all in black with long grey hair

Banshees come from Celtic mythology too.

That’s a lot of women… I’ve met a banshee, she definitely screeched like a giant wolf howls at a full moon… But she did not look like a woman… I was actually terrified of the vision at first sight.

Same happens to me few day ago lol banshee and Screamed at me, was trying to get in contact with Morrigan lol nor sure about ur experience tho :slight_smile:let me know how it develops