Mornings with Prince Orobas, and art and evocation and channelling

On the recommendation of a friend I decided to attempt some weather magick. Where I live we are in the rainy season and this time of years it just pours on us for days on end. I needed a break from the rain to do some errands.

I had no idea if my technique was correct I was kind of flying blind at this but I put myself into a light trance and connected with the rain clouds above me. Then by way of gesture with my hands I pushed the clouds back and wiped them away from my area. Within ten minutes the rain had stopped and stayed gone about an hour. I think this could be a case of beginners luck.

Today I’ll be evoking Focalor. That’s all for now.


I’m thinking more about weather magick. I think a better test of my abilities would be to go from a weather pattern of sunny, windy dry weather to cause it to rain a short while later. That’s where the rubber and the road meet. Not to downplay my success with causing the rain to cease, it did serve it’s purpose. I just am somewhat suspicious that it was going to do that anyway. Does that mean the Magick wasn’t successful??? Not according to Crowley. Magick creates change in both directions of time forward and backward.

I didn’t perform the evocation of focalor yesterday. I was simply too tired. That irritates me a little bit. I feel like I should have done it anyway. Then I think no I shouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have been good company for the spirit to meet. When you evoke a spirit you are meeting someone IMPORTANT. You need to look and feel up to it. You need to be showered and wearing clean clothes and up to task of extending your hand in friendship to a powerful spirit. You should be ready essentially.

Today I am ready.

There’s really no such thing as a normal evocation. There may be identical elements within am evocation but the experience is going to be different depending on who’s getting Evoked. Never a dull moment. Some are warm and friendly, some icy and cold, some are disturbing, some are dangerous. Gotta be ready for whatever.

For me following through with this challenge of evoking all 72 spirits has been daunting, exhausting, exhilarating, and been a real test.

Prince Orobas once said to me “on knowing the 72, all of us are worth knowing”. I agree with him.


Are you just looking to change the weather? I ask because if you were changing the weather to achieve another goal or would be easier I think to go around the weather and focus on the goal. If changing the weather is the goal then I would look into weather patterns and how wind works. I don’t know if the weather is something that would be easier to simplify in order to affect but it’s worth looking into the mechanics behind it I think. Also it might be a good idea to research entities that are classically associated with weather so as to learn from them.

I hope this was helpful in some way❤


Good thinking Stuart. There are many spirits across different classifications of the spirits that deal In weather magick. I think I know just who I’ll ask about that.


It’s quite an interesting form of magick, one that has been practiced in every culture throughout history. It’s quite easy to do when asking another spirit to do it. I’ve known a few Christians here who, for them, it was their sign that YHWH was real as they had asked for rain and miraculously received rain shortly after, not knowing that he is also actually a storm god. But it seems to be more difficult to do by oneself, depending on the individual.

There is a line of one specific lineage of monarchs in my country who are said to be able to control the weather. The “Modjadji”. Rain Magick has more prominence in Africa as in many regions it has been especially needed in history.


If you held back the rain, when nature wanted to continue raining, then definitely your magick was successful. Did it immediately resume once your condition was met? That could be an indicator that it would not have stopped on its own.

Glenn Morris, in his book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master, talks about witnessing an incident that occurred at the wedding of one of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi’s students. The student wanted to have photos taken outside, but it had started to rain so Hatsumi petitioned an elemental to hold back the rain for one hour. The rain stopped, the pictures were taken, and then the rain resumed exactly one hour later. Hatsumi laughed, and said, “Leave it to an elemental to be punctual.”


I’m actually pacted with King Bael as I am Prince Orobas. His name means master, and I strongly suspect he is in addition to being a sky god a god of storms and rain. I think I will ask him directly today about this.


Yes almost immediately after my condition was met tbh.


Then, in my opinion, my friend, there is no doubt you were successful :slight_smile:


Oh My God…

My order mates and I just scored a major touchdown. There was a woman very mentally ill who was in the psych hospital with a very serious psychotic episode. So much so that most people gave up hope of her ever coming home.

Through the five of us working with the Archangels last Sunday we have achieved a breakthrough. The woman has had her sanity restored and is very likely to go home to her family soon.

Hail Archangel Michael
Hail Archangels
Hail the Order of the Black Horse

Here is the post on the ritual.

So mote it be.


Now thats what I call welfare reform. :+1:


Just completed the evocation of Duke Focalor. That’s a cool spirit guys. During the third repetition of the demonic conjuration I felt a strong force emanating at me from inside the triangle. I knew the Duke was present. I could feel him. This was a standard meet and greet. This Duke Focalor is a polite and dignified spirit. I recommend working with him to others. In addition to his listed attributes he told me he breaks the hexes and curses of enemy magicians. This is a powerful ally Indeed.


But the rainy weather from our side of the Earth is just perfect for working from home and curling up after a long day. Please dont make the rain stop over my town. :laughing:

Congratulations on your success w the Archangels! They do hear us, and they work fast, indeed!


And here I thought I was the only one on this forum who practices rainstopping…

I’ve tried visualizations before, but what has always worked for me is synchronizing the rain with my mind while meditating and gradually relaxing. As I relax my mind, I know the rain will slow down and eventually stop in sync. One’s willpower must be absolute, to the point of knowing it will happen. I consider this to be performing a miracle as opposed to magick, since it’s done without the aid of spirits. I too would also like to eventually practice other forms of weather manipulation eventually, though rainstopping seems to be much easier by comparison.


Rock on bro! Thats awesome!!! :+1::sunglasses::racehorse:


Time to give credit where credit is due. We’ve talked about him before and we’ll talk about him again I figured. The great Marquis Amon…

This spirit is just fantastic to work with. I included him in my list of spirits worthy to be paid in advance for thier services. He didn’t let me down or dissapoint me. He brought mom’s bf to his knees with her yet again. This spirit is badass.

Today I’ll be re attempting the evocation of spirit Haures. As you know last time I tried half assing the evocation and rushed my way through and got rejected by the spirit. Embarrassing. Today will be better though I’m sure of it


My friend, I believe that you have just exposed here the ultimate spell: meditate until you are convinced that what you wish for will happen. To be deeply convinced of it. To know that it will happen.

Isn’t this the emotion we all seek to stimulate, no matter what magical paradigm we use?

These few lines are worth their weight in gold, bravo!


Yeah that’s real powerful…


Well my plans to evoke Haures have been pushed back until tomorrow. My foster mom again wished for another application if Marquis Amons love potion number nine. So I evoked Marquis Amon instead and asked to make her bf attentive and to draw near and be sweet.

Nothing else to report on this cold rainy day.


Ok today’s plan

When the sun rises I will be evoking King Bael and formally asking that the rains cease. We have major flooding in my region now. It has rained for days

Enough is enough