Morning Glory vines as pendant


Hello everyone,
I have picked up some vines of Morning Glory. I read in some of the blogs that its good for binding and protection. However, I intent to use it for general attraction and charisma. I would like to make a pendant out of it. Just with two vines wrapped together.
I have carefully planned out steps and here it goes: (please do correct me if I’m doing it wrong):

#1. Take a thin and long parchment paper and with red pen, write out some hymns, spells and draw some love, lust, attraction sigils (i would like to make it by myself that pertains to my needs).
#2. roll the paper and make it as compact as possible such that it would look like a thread.
#3. Now, twist two vines (I have kept it in my balcony to let it dry in the sun as of now, to make it more thread like), keeping the paper in between, wrapping it tightly so that the entire paper is binded by it.
#4. Meditate over it, do some rituals and then wear it around the neck for general charisma and attraction, that could help in all aspects of my life such as attracting a mate, outstand it in interviews, etc.

If I am going wrong somewhere, please fill free to comment. I want some suggestions from you guys too like for example, what kinda ritual I have to perform, what time of the day and what day, etc.

Thanks and Regards,
<3 & Light :sunrise: