Mormon Spirits-- A differing type of Djinn?

I have had this in my head all day, mormonisms Spirits and Gods, are clearly kabbalistic spirits of thier own. Hate to say this, Not as Impressive as todays Black Arts, From thier “inferred Godhead” to the last revelation given to the least man with the Last Pretended Key- what type of entities are being dealt with and what if any is the grimoiric value of mormon “Revelations” .
I have kinda ideas, but not excited at the posible ever have to work with them again. Very tragic and toxic energies.


Not terribly surprising. Whether they are some kind of egregoric cluster or an interpretation of aspects of established entities that predate LDS, they were predicated on the filter of a known con man. If a practitioner has a preconceived notion of entities, then that is usually how they appear to be. If a con man creates entities, they would probably bear some of that essence in them. If a djinn or other spirit is interpreted through the LDS lens of millions of that same con’s faithful then it could very well have some of those biases.

My opinion is…none whatsoever. If you read a book of math facts that was trying to convince you that 2+2=5, would you think it would help you become a greater math student? As a scientist I have to consider the test sample contaminated. There are certainly Mormons who have had genuine spiritual experiences and encounters, but their own lens is contaminated by falsities and so must be discarded and the experiment scrapped. I feel the same way about all other branches of JCL, and many other religions. That is probably why I have never had an issue with angelics.

Out of curiosity, which did you deal with? You have piqued my interest and now I kind of want to see for myself.


Post Edit: The above comment was not an attempt to insult LDS or any other faith. Not that I particularly care, but I like to be understood. What I was trying to convey was that, IMO, I feel the lens of ANY religion brings with it some kind of emotional/spiritual baggage. I just feel that one is more likely to achieve enlightenment, ascendance, progress, fulfillment, objectivity of perspective and knowledge, etc., in magick and in life in general, with as little baggage as possible in those departments.

just be open and clear, what whatever- you are fine with me, if I don’t like it, after meditating on it for ahwile i may change my opinion also.

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