More than one task for one spirit?

I was wondering if it were permissible, and then if yes, advisable to task one spirit who you trust to do more than one task simultaneously. I was thinking hypothetically doing one evocation for one thing, then several days later, doing another for a second thing, to really be able to put my all into each evocation.

Good/bad/neutral idea?

Or is it better to wait until one thing is done, before going onto the next?

My opinion.

When you’re starting it’s best to have a single clear goal in mind. That way when stuff happens you can more easily learn. Once you get multiple things going at once, if weird stuff happens that may not relate directly to your targets then it can be hard to decipher which spirit is doing what.

If things work out well for you and you don’t get alot of backlash or fallout then I think it’s fine.

You’ll only know that through experience though, which I think it’s easier to get going one at a time.