More than one target

I consider myself a patient person.
I have thrown very few curses in my lifetime; but have been successful on the rare occasion when I have resorted to such measures.
I now have 2 enemies who for the past year have been working tirelessly to ruin my life. Between the 2 of them: they have succeeded. Not content, they continue to Lie and manipulate in an apparent attempt to destroy me. They are very 2 faced about it.
I am now in a position where I must Curse without mercy.
I have never had more than 1 target at a time for such a curse, and the 2 individuals live about 2-3 hours away from each other. My inquiry is addressed to those with Successful Experience: Would it be advisable to throw 2 seperate Curses, on 2 separate occasions per each enemy, in order to Concentrate the Forces channeled/Focused for Maximum Effectiveness?

I don’t know how to respond, as I’m trying to think of it from different points of view. If you did them at the same time, you may be able to fuel yourself with an uncontrollable rage as you’ll be thinking twice as hard, about more situations those targets have put you in, motivating you more when you perform the ritual. But on the other hand, you might focus on one more than the other, leaving the one that got ignored a little weaker resulting in a different result than you expected. Also thinking of the aftermath, doing them at the same time, building up so much fury and using so much energy, that could conclude with you being left extremely drained and in a weakened state afterwards, as you will have used all your strength empowering all the curses during one ritual.

My advice is do them at different times, give yourself time to charge in between, look over the rituals and double check you are happy with it during the break, or see what you’d like to change about the next one and doing them separately leaves you not too tired either spiritually or mentally afterwards if you have other daily tasks in life to complete . It provides you most importantly with time…to focus, to experiment, to recharge and to compare the one you choose to do first with how you’ll do the next one.

Is it a magickal battle or just a bunch of bone heads you are dealing with?

Thank you sir.
That was more or less my thoughts as well.

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Laughs the later.