More spirit travel threads since I have so many questions

before you ask no I can not take Eric’s course on spirit travel because he charges like 200 for them and I am basically homeless… two I am having trouble breaking the physical flesh I can feel my spirit body inside moving around and wanting to burst out but it’s like my flesh is made of cement and when I do sitting meditation I can feel myself rocking a lot and energy coming from the base root chakra I just can’t break the goddamn skin I feel the vibrations and everything but I just end up flapping my limbs like a stupid fish on a deck… I tried praying to the spirits demons gods etc have chanted the enns and mantras have contacted Papa Legba for further assistance felt his energy have used crystals like quartz and just can’t kick out of the damn body I feel trapped now… it sucks…


it’s like being buried in a coffin alive 6 ft under and you can’t escape… I want to break free of the flesh… but it’s a prison cell…

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I am in the same situation, it seems that when I try harder I can’t get out but when I don’t plan to astral project and I am just lookin to relax and meditate that’s when I get closer to astral projection


This may not be the popular opinion on this but if you are nearly or basically homeless correct this and the other chaos in your life first before exploring the realms outside the flesh. It may be your subconscious is stopping you from being able to do this in an effort to keep from things getting worse through the introduction of additional pressures and forces.

Also remember you can do magick for supplies,books, courses ect. This is how i aquire fund for what i need.

A good foundation stone to have in your practice is THE MAGICK PAYS FOR THE MAGICK. If it didn’t you could burn through ALOT of money and never see results.

To end this imma leave this quote from the book of azazel.

“You have become obsessed with escaping this world, escaping your body, flying away from it instead of embracing the flesh,” the demon taunted. “When this world is miserable, when you see the misery around you, rather than acting as a God would act, rather than commanding the tempest to cease, you instead flee.
This is the final incarnation, the world into which you have forced yourself, yet rather than fulfilling your purpose here – which is to become a god in this, the only realm where that is possible – you instead struggle to leave this world and disappear into that infinite nothingness, the omnipresent quandary from which you
descended. This world, this life of yours, is the next phase of your existence. Eternity is not a cycle, but is an ever-constant expansion of the self. Now that you have achieved both the realization of your infinitude, and the singularity-state of the physical body, you can begin to expand from that singularity.”


it seems like the harder you try the more you are set up for failure I think I should do it naturally and see what happens…

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yeah Azazel has told me the same damn thing eerie he said quit trying to escape the flesh and embrace being human in this form you can evolve…i was praying one day about this and he whispered it to me via thought form…

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goddammit Azazel is always right he keeps telling me stay in the flesh and do not focus on escaping into the other world they really want us to stay in human form and focus on the carnal flesh…

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The be more accurate.

“And Azazel spoke:
The work which lies before us, now, is to
take dominion over this realm, to make
perfect and limitless even this most
course and barren physical state.”

You make it sound like this plane is a prison. When really this is where we can express out power in our lives and become the director to the “illusion” that is our lives. It is only illusion from the absolute perspective, from our relative perspective this plane is very real but also very malleable when you understand you relation to your own divinity and power.


My respects, very accurate and a powerful source of inspiration. Lord Azazel in his infinite splendor!

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