More sensitive to spirits

Hello, I’ve recently bought a haunted cat doll online. (Nancy’sHauntedDolls On Etsy if you want to check her out!)

I really want to learn to be more clairaudience and clairvoyant. I’m not sure if that’s something you can really develop.

The spirit is just a lovely old little cat :slight_smile: Nothing powerful. I’m also thinking that maybe he possessed my cat? My kitty has been so much more active, and more affectionate + sweeter. (The spirit is a really kind and loving cat, whereas my cat is usually very independent)

Any tips to be able to sense spirits easily? I have not felt him at all. He might be a bit shy.

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You develop them by learning to scan energies or working with an entity who has the patience to try and stir your senses feeling, sight, smell, taste, hearing.


Is there a way to develop them without a spirit’s help?
And do you have any tips on scanning energies?

It must be incredibly easy to sell stuff and call it haunted. Time to get rid of some junk and make some money.

Calling something haunted is one of the easiest ways to make money off the occult along with ritual for hires because you can lie about both and thanks to the power of placebo the person will either self create a thoughtform haunting, or placebo themselves into thinking there’s one, and for the other they believe so much in the ritual for hire that they manifest it themselves and just paid someone to placebo them into it lol.


I know right! Lol
It’s why I keep worrying that I was jipped about my conjures.

She honestly seems pretty legit, with good reviews.
Yeah, I am pretty nervous tho lol

Good reviews mean nothing. These people are fooling themselves and she is taking advantage of it.
I do not believe any spiritual seller is legit, because they really don’t have to produce anything. You might get a doll or jewelry but you pay a stupid amount for fiction.
It just takes creativity and people desperate to be duped. I was one of those dummies and now I’m like, burn it with fire, I hate them all.

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