More powerful then demons?

Ive been reading on the loa they seem to be more powerful then femons and closer to our plane. Are the loa more powerful and can affect this reality more quickly for purposes of lust, quieting or killing enemies, binding a person away from you? I ask as such matters because i am working with some demons for knowledge and i keep bringing back to the loa. I habent read much of the spider and the green butterfly so is the rite to legba in this work?

Not really. They are powerful, but not as powerful as demons. All you have to do is look at The Western Empire in relation to Africa. This is a physical reality that was manifested by much Satanic/Pagan magick. Proof by actually having something to show for it. Just compare over all quality of both Empires. The Loa? Rulers of what?

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I should further comment. Spirits power manifests by your ability to draw their power to the physical level. There is that factor too.


Depends on what demons we’re talking. They’re definitely stronger than goetic demons and yes they’re very close to this plane. However not all demons are weaker than them.

I disagree. They are not as powerful as The Kings. Like I said, the proof is in the pudding. Wealthy Western Civilization vs people who didnt evolve a High-Tek 1st world country. You cannot be more blatant in terms of power.

Edit to Add:. Goetics power is not based on what is written in popular grimoires or what Social Media or Street Magicians make you believe. Do you really think a wealthy magician will give you his best formulas?

Your choice, I’m not really into debating with anyone here at the moment.


That’s fine. I understand.

You must pm me how to draw a demons power into this plane. This is a new concept for me and i dont shy away from dangerous operations

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I am adept at dealing with goetic demons but in all my uears of practice the idea of drawing their power unto this plane is a new thought although belial is teaching me to be stronger i am coming across new information each day through different people with which has beautiful and deadly application within the realms of evoking a spirit.

Entities that embody concepts are most powerful imo.

No need for PM’s. A demon is drawn into this plane by evokation and feeding it ENERGY. There are many ways to feed it, such as Sex Magick.

Not necessarily. There is a difference between saying “God” vs Belial. The reason is the belief is the structured intention of how energy is directed. Thus, the word “God” is more abstract than Belial, thus the energetic manifestation will be less focused. You can begin to understand this by comparing a Christian to a serious Satanist. Satanists are generally, in thinking… More focused in their work…thus their magick is more directed.

Interesting. So a demon of a multitude of things may be stronger in some areas VS the embodiment of chaos? … So overall the strongest would be something that is adaptable, that wears many masks and can choose a specialization at will. Formless energy perhaps?

A prime example.

Chaos = a church full of sheep all babbling at the same time Gossiping or whatever. Try to shout like a drill Seargent and organize these people into rows…and then give a specialized task. Not effective. This is the spirit of chaos.

Specialist = very well defined form. Formlessness is not better and more adaptable as it is essentially chaos. An adaptable Spirit has a well defined manifestation, but also has an Adaptable Intelligence and knowledge base, as well as a very good foundation of Wisdom (hence the fact it is a Specialist). This will effect it’s ability to process energy to be Adaptable.

So the example I gave can’t be adapted to highlight the point?

Going to have to be more specific. Formlessness chaos vs many traits and skills?