More info and study sources about Azazel

Good day to all!

Lately I’m not being able to find much info on Azazel. Ive been working with him for about a month, did a successful invocation and whatnot, but I’m still struggling to find good material to read. I was reading the Book of Azazel, but for some reason it seemed kind of “hyped shit content” (?). What do you recommend?

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Look up the Zohar online and read about him in that.

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errrm…with all the respect, fuck judeo magick.

More like it has decent information within it, regardless if you don’t want to practice the magick associated with it. There is information within it that you are looking for.


A true scholar gets their information from all sources, ruling out one only limits the information you’re so desperately seeking. Weigh and measure everything you read by your experiences and the evidence of truth presented to you will become clear over time.