MORE FREEBIES! (readings)

So once again I’m itching to get some more practice with my divination skills.

I’ll take 3 questions this time and if I get them done quickly I’ll do more.
So the first 3 people to post get a reading!


I’d love to get one,

Well, I’d like one.

On it’ll be about me. Not about the previous things.

I’d like one too thanks.

Dani I’ve done enough readings for you.No offence but give someone else a chance

Ajhbssm2 and Prophecy Child PM me your questions.

can i have a reading ?

Jyoti pm Mr your question

If you decide to do a second batch, Musta, I would like a reading. I’ve got something I could use some clarity on.

Hi Musta can you give me a reading?

I’ll give you guys readings if I get the others done soon.
I’m starting the readings tonight.
If I manage to get them all done tonight I’ll take your questions.


I would also like one at some stage thanks

Sorry for the delay everyone.
I’ve been busy with the FWB workings and some workings of my own.

I promise they’ll been done when I get off work tonight.

Calmbeforthestorm PM me you question and I’ll get to it when I can.


Big thanks Musta_Krackish for the reading. Very enlightening.

I have recently received my readings, from Musta_Krackish; i do hereby thanks Musta_Krackish, the reading is nice and full of insights.

Hats Off to Musta_Krackish !

Thanks Musta, great reading, good advice, couldn’t have got a better answer
Guess i’d better get working on it.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks for all the kind words guys!

Everyone else who wanted a reading PM me you question if you haven’t already and I’ll start onthem ttomorrow.


Very good accurate reader.