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Listen up maggots!

I mean…


I want to try something. I want to evoke the runes on someone other than myself to see how I can effect others with them. I am asking for volunteers. I need people who are experienced with energy and banishing (incase something goes wrong).

Here is what I am planning. I want to evoke the powers of Fehu or Sowilo into the lives of some volunteers. Fehu is all about flow and is usually associated with money, while Sowilo is all about the Sun and Victory.

I will take the volunteer’s profile avatar, as well as any other info they give me to strengthen then the link, then I will evoke one of the two runes into their lives.

Now for the questions…How long should I leave this influence open in their life? A week, two…a month? Here is were ya’ll come in. I would like to know who is down for this and how long they want this rune open and active in their life.

The only requirements are:
1 Actively letting me know what is going on in your life in regards to the working. I would like an open dialogue with you so I know if it is working or not. I don’t want to open Fehu then never hear from you again…cause I will assume that somehow Fehu killed you (Dun dun duuuuun)
2 You need to be someone that can take care of themselves, you don’t need to be a High Magus, Grand Puba or anything, but you do need to be able to banish and protect yourself incase things do go wrong. So before you agree to this take stock of yourself, the runes are amazingly powerful and tap into chaotic energies. If you have doubts do not sign up.
3 (not really a requirement) Feel free to send me any other info that may help me connect the rune with you, photo, name…etc (no seamen or menstrual blood) If you don’t want to send me anything I can just use your profiles a connection.

Please add any insights below and when I have a better idea all hammered out we can get running.

Stay frosty,

Ooh, you’re hammering people?

Slowly drags out a corpse

Can we hammer them with this?


I’m down for this. Talk in private.

Oh, I should probably limit this to 5ish people…

I don’t want to be up all night evoking the runes lol

I would definitely be up for this, Ive hit a rather confounding roadblock in the past couple days, and I love runes! I would try a week first as a test, then gradually longer periods of time. On top of that, I like the cut of your jib, so I dont expect too many bad things to happen

Would be very awesome to observe and report, but I shouldn’t while I’m still invoking one rune at a time into my own life lol. I’m on day three of five on Inguz, so I imagine you’ll be well under way by the time this is done!

Still, can’t wait to hear about this. Best of luck!

Did I hear the word free??? I want it!!! What did you say it was??! I dont really care!! Hahaha... just kidding. Im actually interested in the project, so I volunteer as your guinea pig ;). I`ll report to you…so count me in.

Alright looks like we have our five

And Thesombra

So how long should we keep these open? I am thinking more than a week but less than a month, what about ya’ll?

Also, what rune do you want?

Ill take Sowilo. And after careful consideration Id go for exact 30 days…(if you will, of course)so theres enough room for careful testing, since thats a rune associated with victory, and that can take many faces…perhaps the other rune would be ok with less time…what do you think?

Can we do both? Ill probably do fehu. Busy at the moment but will pm ya asap

I will start these on Saturday. What I plan to do is open a rune for each of you and let them go to work in your life. I will place them in a spot in my temple where I won’t see them and at the end of 30 days I will release and burn them.

I have had previous experience with this, someone asked me to curse a target. I created a Bindrune of Hagalaz and Isa and painted it over the target’s picture. Things got pretty bad for them.

Oris- did you paint it over the picture in TG? Just curious.

Yup, I did.

Interesting. Will file this away for later use.

Look forward to hearing about this and gutted I missed it, but probably for the best! Please keep us posted and good luck.

Damnit i’m always missing Orismen’s free stuff. First the Hecate thing and now this? Damn!

I will send you a PM before I do this next time :slight_smile:


I am going to do this batch on Saturday. I will intone and open each and then placed the runes away from sight. I will keep them open for up to a month, less if you want less.

This is exactly what I thought when I saw the title. I didn’t even read the contents before posting the first comment. LOL!

So, anyone notice anything yet?

Those with Fehu, have you noticed a flow of good energy or wealth? Have any ideas popped into your minds?

Those with Sowilo, have you had any Solar awakenings? Notice any type of realization about strength or power that could lead you to victory?

Oh dang I completely forgot about this, you know I had actually deleted my response because I figured it might be better to let someone else get in on this, but it looks like it already got put in, yeah things have been going even better then usual lately so I would say things went well.