Morbid visualizations messing up my magic. is it my paranoia?

Ive been trying to do magic to help me and my family move out faster. Part of it i end up visualizing the moving truck and my dad driving while me and mom follow behind in the car. But every time i do this, i “see” him get in a fatal wreck. I dont want to end up making that happen with magic by mistake. How can i stop this? I feel its caused from how my dad had a close call with death a few weeks ago and it affecting me.


Well, it could be residual stress. Perhaps it would be beneficial to petition a trusted Deity until the stress fades?


Welcome to the world of intrusive thoughts.

If this is clinical level it sounds like genuine OCD (not the “lol I’m like so organized haha!” moron interpretation you’ll find on tumblr)

Keep in mind magick takes intention to work. You can literally practice a full ritual word for word, gesture for gesture, thought for thought and have it be just practice with no effect.



You do all the symbolic acts with the intention to contact spirits and convey the right info. If a thought arises, discard it. If you know what you mean they’ll know what you mean. They’ll get the picture.

Unless this is a warning of some sort. Something to consider. Trust your intuition.


My head used to do shit like that alot but I did alot of self programming to get rid of negativity and for good things and they basically just stopped.


That shit holds me back too a lot. What I do is ask one of my Deities to put a shield around other parties. I also find calling your patron / any deity helping you during the rituals prevents negativity from occurring.

Also sometimes energy parasites or in my case a vampire can fill these thoughts in you to bring you down and to feed.


Similar to what @Norski said - have you experienced intrusive thoughts before on any scale? It could be pathological: OCD. You might need to address this root issue (with a professional) before going ahead with rituals if it is something that happens to you frequently.


@Norski @Veil
Honestly im not suprised and you guys mentioning the OCD thing. Over the past few years i was beginning to realize i have signs of OCD including feeling like i have to repeat certain acts (on occasion) because if i wouldnt id feel the anxiety. Oddly enough it would usually be gone while i do magic though. Being broke asf i never bothered going to any professional but would try to work with my own mind by slowly making myself ease outta that anxiety. I was doing great for awhile but after witnessing my dad having a close one i guess that sparked something.

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I have horrible intrusive thoughts like that as well, and it is a symptom of OCD. You could try to find coping mechanisms and practices to try to take them from the forefront of your mind and give it less power and attention.

Meditating daily has helped teach me how to choose what my mind focuses on rather than give in to any thought that goes on on my wacked out brain.

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