Morals and rules

There have been many discussions in this forum on morals, karma, etc. There may or may not be morals or karma, but there are rules that entities/deities follow. What are these rules? Are they the famous “Golden Rules” you know like “do on to those you want done to yourself” etc? If we are striving to be like the entities/deities then we to should know these rules and live by them. IMO. What say you.


I say that it’s a basic and yet evolved state to understand that we have feelings, and others have feelings, so we shouldn’t hurt others. Understanding that we’re all products of our personalities, karma and circumstances and are essentially no different, and are at different points in understanding different lessons.

Strong emotions and a sense of injustice makes morals blurry though, like when you want to do something baneful to someone who’s a fucked up individual.


Personally and honestly speaking there have been times that I wanted and even now want to strike someone down even though they didn’t do anything to me. My conscience will not allow it. If I didn’t have a conscience there would be bodies littering the streets of NYC.


Personally, I live my life in a way that I do not do anything that I would not be able to speak on due to embarrassment or shame… I live honestly, and transparently; the effects of that end up being beneficial for others as well as myself… I have been practicing this since I was a teenager… I treat others as I would like to be treated, and look at many different perspectives involved with situations before acting upon them… I am very much into psychology and the human mind, so this also influences my personality and character… Many underestimate the correlation between the psyche and occult practice; it is critical to manifestation… There are many different reasons why one gets into the occult, and those in and of themselves explain a particular persons behavior, actions, personality, and motivations… From what I have noticed over the years, the majority are led on this path not out of a sincere desire to evolve and learn history; they are instead here because of rebellion and/or mental issues and constructs stemming from abusive situations in life… That is not to say they will not make progress nor change, as I have seen that and so it was a good thing… However, many never break out of it and are simply using it as a crutch and to feel some sense of belonging, and power from their destroyed sense of identity… When that is the case, you’d be hard pressed to find any sort of ethical behavior, or compassion… The god(s) we model our behaviors after are the ones we bring into the physical plane… Some, become their own god, others mimic… @DragonPhoenix777


I’ve noticed that to.


Honestly, if I don’t want it done to me I don’t do it to someone else and if I wouldn’t say it to your face I won’t say it anywhere else


Great replies from everyone. But what are “the rules” that entities/deities follow. I was told that they are strict about them.

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I don’t think there are any. There are probably the ‘rules’ about how we and them get involved with each other, but those seem to be more like natural laws of how things happen. There are things that LHP entities all seem to agree on and work within, the framework of what’s real to them and the framework of the spirit world.


So that is something that I would have to discuss with them at the time of invocation?

Yeah I’d say so. They might each have their own notions about karma.



I have a very diverse spiritual background and this question particularly hits home for me. If I may do my best to condense it into a nutshell but let me be clear that my true unadulterated answer can not be revealed as its conveys too much light on mysteries that many spiritual powerhouse societies are sworn by oath to protect.
Our fate was written in the stars, on one hand we have free will and can stray away from that fate that was written for us in the stars, so destiny is not often guaranteed, as above so below, the cosmic molecules that manifest our existence is ancient star material, when a person males contact with their shadow self or higher guardian they learn that that entity has much different plans for the magus, usually prohibitions and life changes are imposed from the spirit world to the physical world, if a person does not meet the standard of the enitity the are apart of they will repeat the life cycle again, until they fulfil the destiny that was written for them in the heavens.


That sounds something like reincarnation. But there are a certain set of rules that they themselves go by.


You can say that, most people do but the devil is in the details, so its more profound than that.

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I will give you an example, every Olorisha goes through Itán after their Ocha this is the moment that they not only find out their second parent Orisha but they are given the reading of their life with a set of prohibitions that go with it. If the initatiate at some point in life disregards their Itán they won’t necessarily backslide so quick as when their Parent Orisha becomes deeply offended by their child and puts thier foot on them. When that happens thats when the backsliding really starts. The higher spirits are there to provide blessings for their children but children who don’t learn easily have to learn the hard way.

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I see. Thanks. How can I learn more? Oh and in case you didn’t do it already, write a introduction of yourself to the forum that’s the rules here. And again thanks for the information.

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And part of what makes the answer complicated has to do witha quantum element, on one hand when I die I will be greated by Peter at the pearly gates at which point I will ask him to take me to John so I can finally be baptised upon entering heaven, simultaneously and extra-dimensionally remanifesting on a beaded web of shukra, all the while being greeted by Iku, Oya, and Eshu, dining with the gods in Valhala, while I also climb the mountain ascending to Bakulu, experiencing simultaneous infinite amounts of “crossing over” all those dreams of death experienced by the sages occuring at one brief eternal moment.

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Depends on if one wants to be all powerful or “good” by the sense of human concept. I for one do not have much of a conscience but my learned empathy, upbringing and ways to isolate myself mentally and physically keeps me from harming just anyone because I feel like it. If someone crosses me, I however will.

My deity demands me to uphold a certain honour codex or I will lose my gifts.

This codex dictates that I must never bend to what is considered wrong as well as always be in control of myself.
Hypocrisy, apathy, and ignorance are considered sins, so I spend a lot of my time in a state of introspection.

I allow others to sin, as long as they don’t pretend being better than they are.

In that case, I will start challenging them, but only if it is worth the time.

Honour requires its adherents to be strong, very strong, because those without honour will always cheat and deceive to get what they want.

So I take strength knowing myself and what I stand for.

I am to swear an oath as well when I graduate from my path, and that oath will then guide me.

What exactly do you mean by ignorance?