Moral Dilemma About Free Will

While I’ve been exploring the left hand path, most of my magic has been directed at my own self improvement. As a side affect, I’ve gained a better understanding of how the human mind works and how I can manipulate it for certain goals. At first I only used it on my own mind. Then I got curious and wanted to know how effective this was on external sources.

There are people around me who I care about that don’t live up to their full potential. They have realistic goals and ambitions, but there’s a collection of terrible choices they commit that keep them in the same place. I tell them how something will go. They don’t listen, leading to me witnessing their downfall, and the cycle repeats. This gets repetitive after awhile and make’s you wish you could plug a controller in their ass and do it right.

Changing someone’s thought pattern’s is a fairly simple task if you know what you’re doing. In fact, I’ve already succeeded in doing so. And they progressed as a result. But that makes me wonder, am I taking away the lessons they’re suppose to learn on their own? Am I handicapping them? Can this become addictive? At what point do you go too far? This is such an easy think to abuse. I don’t know if my old moral values are making me overthink things or if I’m legitimately on the edge of becoming a tyrant.


Personally, I don’t believe life is a series of “hard lessons” until everyone reaches some similar conclusion about meaning and values, and proceeds in lockstep with other similarly “awake” people.

Most people seem to be operating with limited insight and in many cases a fundamental inability to learn from past mistakes, fixing that IMO is no different to giving a baby a medication to save its life, it may not be able to give informed consent but you can’t let the poor little thing suffer due to its inability to know what’s going on. :man_shrugging:

Try reading at least the 1st Chaper of this and see what you think: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


Awakening is something a person has to do on their own. It’s an individual journey and you can’t push it even if you help them. The best thing you can do is be supportive and help where you can.

In the mundane, just be an example by letting these people see you shine and break boundaries. People tend to watch other people and if you show them rather than tell, they’ll probably get on board.

As for free will, Lucifer explained to me very simply : “ If ( this thing) is YOUR will, then what is the question?” The greater will is the one that will override. You have a will and you shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop you.


I’ve heard of this thing but never bothered to read it. 2 chapter’s in and I’m hooked. Thanks for this and the advice.


You feel really wise and sure of yourself. I need more of that apparently.

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Nobody here is to learn some lesson, but I would say everyone here is to progress in their evolution.

Getting chicks or making money by chanting some mantra or evoking some entity doesn’t help one learn the art of money making or picking girls but mantra chanting or evoking beings successfully is considered to be a huge leap in one’s ascension.

So there is no wrong in giving your loved one’s a helping hand. Everyone needs it. EVERYONE.


I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with it. Afterall, most people happily bumble through life making the same mistakes over and over again; nothing wrong with making them improve for once.
To put it in perspective, obsession spells are a fairly common practice and far more tyrannical than helping someone along. The trick it to just not worry about whether it’s morally right to meddle with someone’s head, the world is essentially a vessel for you to manifest your desires and people are just another part of that.


The difference between a tyrant and a guide is perspective, but the difference between a controlling lunatic and a Saturnian Messiah is knowledge and adaptability.

Do you know that what you’re doing really whats best for them? Their paths aren’t yours, and it’s almost impossible to think your way into the correct answer.

Regardless, most people lack true free will anyways, they just react to stuff based on how they’re being made to react whether by past experience or lack of control, changing things up with them would be no different than not doing anything at all imo.


I wasn’t always and don’t feel that way most times - I’m forever learning. Just believe in and trust yourself :heart:

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Simple rule for LHP magicians/practitioners.
Moral is something you leave behind and if you wanna keep your moral compass then do RHP magic.
You can’t pick and choose because LHP is not a buffet.
As for the free will illusion = i just said it…it’s an illusion


Yes when SOME people talk of this… @Lady_Eva