Moon blood

Hi guys,

So I was in conversation with a colleague who dabbles in magick every now and then but isn’t heavily into it.

We got into a discussion of moon blood. So I couldn’t participate in it much coz I am generally not well aware of moon blood magick.

I did search here but it only speaks of love spells. However, using moon blood won’t tie the caster to the target permanently ? Don’t blood magick (even moon blood) have effects that are generational and hard to reverse? Do they use it on strangers too ?

No. Nothing is permanent. You can always do a hex break if it doesn’t wear off.

Moon blood as far I I know means women’s period blood. It’s used in lust spells. If you try the search (expand to include menses and period as keywords) then we do have reports on here if it being very successful to the point of causing obsession.

Not unless you intentionally work that into the magick. Intention is the driver of energy in the magick not the theatrical props you use.

Could do, if you can think of a way to get a stranger to eat your period blood, why not?

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No I mean the whole intent thing is the key. But she kept insisting that blood magick is super advanced and has effects that are very difficult to reverse as blood is the essence of life form.

What I fail to understand is - how does it not affect the caster if she is using her life force into her rituals?

This is so bizarre tbh

As someone who uses blood in magick a lot, because I enjoy that, and is a fan of the work of Sorceress Cagliastro that also take this viewpoint, ime, it’s simply not true.

Intention is everything, not blood. If you THINK it’s more potent it will be. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So, for HER maybe it is. As a creator being made it so. The flip side is she has also limited herself but putting her thinking into a box like this.

You’re not using your life force, that is qi and while there’s a little qi in blood, as well as the qi of the living cells, you will replace very quickly though your onboard system that allows you to make blood and qi from food and sleep. You won’t even notice any loss worth replacing with only a few drops.

Why should using “life force” effect the caster more than any other energy? It all belongs to you, and you are like a walking power stations making more in huge quantities every microsecond… this is exactly why parasites are attracted to feed on us, we’re walking buffets. You will probably notice a bigger effect with emotional energy as if you put all your emotion into the working you can feel drained of that emotion and very calm afterwards.

I performed a spell not too long ago with moon blood, and it had nothing to do with love or sex spells, nor of tethering either. It’s beyond me why some would limit this sort of magic when there are far more potent things to accomplish.

One target of this spell was a god — to banish and wound, undo a long enduring curse, undo prior harm and prevent further. I had to channel another deity to accomplish this.

The other target was myself, for healing and knowledge.

A lot of this was around some particularly powerful timing though.

There had been two full moons this past August, and I had two cycles begin within the span of that first full moon and that second full moon (a blue moon). This spell was performed when the second cycle began.

The deity I’d channeled was Inanna (she’s the only spirit I’ve ever been able to channel like this). Her star (Venus) has been in her sign of the Lioness of Heaven, precisely conjunct my sun that day. I’d also had my lunar return.

My cycle had come early, which was the earliest part of the spell coming to fruition. The day it started was when that conjunction had been so precise (Venus-Sun) as well as moon being so well situated for maximum effect. It had been ~2 weeks of focused intent to make that happen, not to mention the deity I am closest with.

This had been an unreal sort of energy to harness.

Usually I am pretty shy about sharing my spells but since this one was not sex or love related I feel more compelled to share it some of the story behind it.

Personally I have never and would never use moon blood if my intent were to tie myself to the target. To me, these sorts of cycles represent endings and new beginnings — moon blood being the portion of the cycle which has to do endings, death, barrenness, laying something to waste, etc.

The generational slant doesn’t make much sense to me. That’s not to say someone couldn’t create or cast a spell to weave that effect into it, but with cycles being an utter lack of pregnancy, if I wanted a spell to have any sort of generational effect, I’d not choose to do a spell utilizing moon blood to achieve this.

I’m sure there’s some who think or believe otherwise, but for me I just don’t see a connection between moon blood and descendants. Blood from a miscarriage would change my perception significantly, but that’s not what most cycles are.