'A painful wail and the essence of Hell; that’s what little monsters are made of!'
I was going through a routine work day, when all of a sudden I decided to scare the ever living fuck out of one of my bosses. While many I work with have seen firsthand the devastating power of my vocals, the boss had never. So, hiding alone in the back of the warehouse, I waited until he had come through as he was in the area getting after some folks. I roared, and I let it all out: Anger, power, that self reveling that only- - And that was where my mind conceived of this. My boss, by the way, dropped his clipboard and literally took off down the warehouse. At this point my giggling self ran well away to the main warehouse to stay like I was there all along. But the reason for this all is simple enough: Have you ever had a moment of (or is your life, lol) being a monster? You know what I mean if you have been there. Its a state of being that transcends instinct and rationality, replacing it with a ferocious joy that is to revel in ones power and strength; to hunt and eat! It is unique, and sometimes comes with a terrible price… Feel free to post your monstrous moments here.


I wouldnt say i do it deliberately or for a thrill, but if I’m super angry and fed up I blow light bulbs, fry electronics, and have occasionally caused things to fly off tables.


My last experience, I was forced to take a leave of absence from work. Shortly after, I was terminated.

Long story short, it was a very bad day… Very bad… The final thing that set me off was someone telling me, “Fuck you”. It was like the air around my head suddenly compressed. It was everything in my power to keep from bashing her skull in… I got in her face and just wanted to strangle… mutilate her… snarling… My hands were up, shaking… I restrained the urge… However, my inner self exploded from within… I let out this guttural, inhuman scream roar that turned everyone’s head in that corner of the store. I could see horror on their face… I bolted as fast as I can charging towards the back of the store, into the warehouse… While running, I was literally blind with rage… all I could feel was rage, hatred, kill, kill, kill, kill… All I wanted to do was slaughter everyone… In the warehouse, I started punching the metal bins until my hands were bloody and the steel was dented… I’m honestly surprised I didn’t break my hands… Then I collapsed on the floor and broke down… I was numb and completely unresponsive to people… Completely catatonic…


Oh I remembered another. At my previous job the owner was a foul man who degraded me and tried to fuck me repeatedly. A horrid man by all counts, who would bring me to tears. This went on for 12 years because, well I’m not a quitter. I’d always say, " I hope he falls down the stairs and breaks his neck " One day we were upstairs and he’s pulling his shit and I envisioned him falling and sure enough he lost balance on the landing and went down, only about 6 though.