Monk's Hymm to Ba'al

(Created during a therapeutic writing session. Given as an offering to Bael. Use it if you feel like it)

My right hand bares the gift of Compassion. Rejoice in the ecstasy preceding enlightenment.
My left hand bares the blade of the fierce deities. It thirsts for the tears of those who feed on our compassion.
Filth of Naraka, be purged!

The clouds sing the sound of Bael’s arrival.

Deafening thunder. Trumpets of War. Crackle of lightning. Spear and sword.
The flames of our awakening shall be thy torment. Discord, blister, festering sores.
Deception paid in sanguine coin. Harmony shall be restored.

Cloaked in the flesh of the fallen gods, I send forth my legions.
Enma. Maya. Yami. Haki.
To the jaws of Ba’al. Go forth and die!
Akuma, Ageru!


Interesting to see the guardians mentioned in this as well, I’ll definitely have to use this in the future. Thank you.

I’ve always liked Enma cause of Yu Yu Hakusho, jokes aside of course.

I added the parts about thunder and lightning because of his association as a storm god.

I wake up this morning and its raining. I’ll take that as a sign my offering was accepted.

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I haven’t thought about that show in years. Now that I think about it, it was one of those pieces of media with occult stuff laced into it. It’s cool how things can influence you early and come back full circle.

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