Money versus possessions

I’ve heard some magicians say that the spirit world doesn’t understand the concept of money too well. Rather, they understand wealth in terms of possessions. Therefore, they say that we should try to manifest the items that we want instead. I, however, am not overly concerned with “things”. For me, possessions bring slavery. I want cash. As much as I can get. Because it brings freedom. Any thoughts on how to find a loop hole? This is separate from getting a better job.

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If you are speaking of financial freedom then that would be geared more toward assets (commodities,stocks,bonds, land, property,ect) that bring profit. These assets are possessions that bring financial freedom. Money is a just a place marker, a representation of energy in flow.

You may find this informative

Edit: the interesting part is the goetic spirit involved is IDed and this shows what you can learn from them.