Money, sex (Introduction)

I need money, sex, peace
And wanna learn alchemy, and tree of life

Then I suggest you do an introductory post…It is a rule of our forum before we can help you in your quest.

How old are you?
What if any sorts of magic do you practice? What experience do you have if any?
If you do not currently have any experience please let us know that as well.
Where about are you from and roughly how old are you?


Is this the introduction?

Piggybacking off of @Keteriya

What forms are you interested in?

Anything you’re not interested in?

Any prior practice?


Please introduce yourself properly @Shaikh_Oways. Tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. This post tells us nothing about you and does not meet the requirement of our rule for a proper introduction.


I’m sorry I didn’t know about it.
My name is oways I’m 24 male, student of business from Pakistan ive not any experience in magic but so many times tried to read books etc. But I feel that I don’t need magic bcoz I feel there is demon in my body that’s works magical.


Thank you. I’ve edited your title so others will know you have met our rule.


Im from Pakistan age 24 male I’m newbie

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