Money ritual

Hello everyone, already had performed decent research regarding Crossroad ritual , and a Black Man. Now it is time for me to actually perform it, as i will perform the rite i will keep this thread updated, would be thankful if anyone could share any tip , experience or knowledge, even his/her own opinion regarding this, to further increase my chance of success .
This is from [Princess Anne, Maryland, (125), 38:1; happened 1934, so informant says.]
347. I had a party to tell me tha’ chew could go to a four crossroad – what is called a four-way road [a crossroad] – for nine mornings at one partic’lar hour in de morning, and dance and sing and put on a little program such as you’re able to do, and on the ninth morning the [ devil ]‘ll put in his appearance or some of his imps and give you the power to accomplish what you want to do. And this one boy did do it, but he – and also you can do by goin’ to the woods. And there’s a certain location in the woods tha’ chew kin do it. An’ this boy did do it – had he carried it out, he was on his ninth morning. And when a big black man came from behind a pine tree and come to him a-laughin’, he couldn’t stand it and he run and left it.

It is from older version of English words, will plan to perform this ritual in the woods as i am at the moment surrounded by woods and nature literally, so my territory is ideal for this rite.

There are many type of trees here where i am from , and plants,herbs… It is in short said To meet a Black man in the Wood you need to go to specific trees in the wood and wait for him there with your desire for 9 mornings sometimes even more, trees in question from what i found out so far are the dogwood, and the huckleberry. If anyone has any opinion, knowledge do share and assist me. Will try to keep this updated , shall start this rite very soon.

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