Money qestion

So let say she knw how do a goid money speell, but due school loan, $80,thousan.medicall bills, ahe cnt do it, but if she give to someone the numbers, to win big, here is the qestion she evoqe 40 fays hive blood offering finally get #,but she has to give the number to a trusted friend, will it work rgt,? She cnt claim money, and if does all got yo bills, school loan, breaking even. Wat u tnk of tis, spirts be mad or help in tis case, if friend is trust may be share

Huhhhh, 80k bucks thats aaaaa lot of cash. I dont think its possible reading forum threads :slight_smile:

The issue is use magic get cash ,get better in all senses, byt will do spurts cooperated,? Get mad or feel betrayed,? A reading b great but its a trust spirts deal, or magic, since 40 days is not a easy task. Thanks everyone,