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so I read the thread on money magick, then I looked at other related posts.

The other posts kind of recommend Henry Archer, is he still kind of the go-to guy for money.

I am looking for more of a steady flow, or long lived money generation method.
To make matters worse I am a worker in a bank. So to get money from work would mean more hours or job promotion (so they kind of amount to the same thing but promotion means I got be a bigger a**hole to fellow employees and customers alike_
So work is kind of a dead end. It will pay the bills until I can escape…

I need to come up with a side hustle that I can grow into a full time income.
What book/author would I want for that?


Jason Miller’s book “Financial Sorcery” is excellent, and very sensible and helpful.

I don’t know which specific books are good beyond that, because I tend to use my own systems, but both Clauneck & Buné can help with that kind of thing, and it’s often far easier than trying to manifest emergency money.


Thank you for the reply. I have read that book, I have put the principles into practice but my Jupiter Box is taking a little to long.
Instead of adding more magick, should I just work this magick a little more.
For instance, now I do this kind of stuff.
I read it a Psalm everyday right now. I also do prayers to Sachiel and just Jupiter in general, on Thursday at Jupiters hour, Same for Mercury on Wednesday. I put a lodestone in mine and I feed it every Friday. I wrote a petition and put in it.

What else could I do, or should I not be doing this at all.

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Some ideas, pick any that appeal:

  • try taking a gap to not think about it, try to feel disconnected, and start making plans as if you’ve given up

  • appease Saturn by lighting a candle on 4 consecutive Saturdays in His hour, and asking Him to forgive you (complicated theory behind that, just suck it & see, or discard the idea) - DON’T do Jupiter workings in these weeks, nor on the Thursdays before or after at the end

  • read Secrets Of The Millionaire Mindset by T Harv Eker

  • take a look through this: Urgent Warning About "The Law Of Attraction" âš 

  • and this: Stoicism and LOA? - #3 by Lady_Eva

Those are very diverse things, also make sure you check out this thread Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results


Thank you and I read the thread but I will read it again.

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I have his money magick book it’s good don’t get me wrong but I do think the regular book he has written has more information on spirits to seek assistance from to bring wealth.

How so?

i myself a banker in india , and i am in same boat as you are, dont wanna take promotion for more money,what magick you have tried yet, i wanna start a business but i have very little money to invest and i have no business ideas so dont know where to start?

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