Money magick for [experienced, stock] investors

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A week ago I was reading 72 angels book by Damon Brand (highly recommend) and in there I saw one of the power of Angel Haaiah (HAH-AH-EE-AH) ‘The power to obtain wealth through knowledge’ then Damon Brand himself said “this is the angel of choice as it can reveal knowledge that is not widely known, through intuition.”(ebook pg 106). And as I invest in stocks this was a pleasant (amazing) surprise as I always thought that if you want anything from Angels you also have to work hard for it in the real world, atleast in terms of money. Well starting this Thursday I’m doing this ritual. This opened my eyes to a whole new possibility, like I always thought that you have to work hard for money, but if I get the right intuition/knowledge at the right time, then this can be a game changer. (lol hyped).

So, I was just thinking are there any other spells or entities (Angel, Spirits, Demons, etc.) who can do this or anything like this, by this I mean give you right knowledge at the right time to gain wealth, if yes then please do tell as it will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. And now I’m thinking about investing in Facebook (Meta) Stocks… lol jk DON’T DO THAT. or maybe do that, idk, idc you do you.


Now, let’s get down to it; Osiris corresponds to Venus with Taurus as a zodiac sign; his specialty lies in the fact that he is skilled at garnering an income and producing money in a stable and productive fashion for the occultist; he also is skilled in trading and exchanging in aforementioned areas. He is perfectly suited for pagans that have business ventures/ dreams or any occultist that has or wants involvement in stocks, banking, accounting etc.


Thank you so much😁

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Can you believe how far that stock has fallen??!??!!? (Disclaimer: this isn’t financial advice) I always see situations like that as a buying opportunity. Lately a lot of stocks have tumbled and I’ve been looking to see which ones would be better to invest in.

In 2020, I did a ritual with King Paimon to push me to invest in the right stocks, and Duchess Bune and was able to make enough to pay off all my debt on my credit report and clean my credit up and have a sizable downpayment to buy a home. I closed last May.

I’ve had hit or miss luck since then, the latest being Tesla skyrocketing to almost $1,300 and making some good money playing options, but then again, I haven’t really dedicated myself to any rituals like I did 2 yrs ago to have the same results. There are a few threads here about investing with a few people giving recommendations as far as spirits or rituals.

I did a simple petition to King Paimon and Duchess Bune.

Here’s my response to an older thread, it contains a few links to other investment threads. Good luck :relaxed:


First of all thank you so much.

Now this is off topic but Bune is, he or she and how do you know that if you don’t mind me asking this. Thnx again.

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Oh, thank you for the info. Now off to find entities that help me find treasure. hehe. Thnx a lot.

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She appears to me as a woman. Bune/Bime can appear to some as a man as well.


I almost thought about doing a ritual with him though but I never got around to it. I would love to to know how yours pans out.

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This is also from the same magicians website that @KamianowskiMaciej linked. I had a good feeling about this angel in the past. He is a ancient not well-known Angel that’s only given mention in the jewish spiritual traditions but he specializes in complex projects and what could be more complex then stocks or crypto?


So what do you think Duke/duchess Bune actually is, he or she. If you don’t want to then you really don’t need to answer this.

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I don’t mind answering, I don’t see a problem with the question. I always see Duchess Bune as a woman, so to me, while I’m open-minded enough to know she appears to others as a man, because of the fact she always appears to me as a woman, she’s a woman.

To me…that’s how she appears to me. A woman.

Beleth is another spirit that appears to me as a woman, but appears to many as King Beleth. That’s just how they choose to manifest to me.


same here :+1:


Now just buy Damon Brand’s book “Wealth magick” and you’re good.

You will also wanna cop these books:

The law of Success

Think and Grow Rich

Outwitting the Devil

Here’s other angels I recommend yeyayel (pg.91)“to promote wealth, fame, and success”

Vehuiah (pg 49) - obtain esteem also - strengthen will

Hariel (pg 77) - powers to improve magickal power

Michel (pg 131) - powers to influence the powerful

Poiel - grant any desire as well as can grant fame

Hayliel**** - give greater control with magick

Chahuiah (pg .95) - Power to develop magick (this is a strategic approach)

Damon brand specifically notes that this angel is very unique and hints at the fact this should be the first angel you work with.

For both of the angels that grant magickal support magick I recommend you specify it to help you with wealth magick and success magick.

Oh yeah and pick up success magick as well.

You might as well pick up angels of alchemy too there an angel for strength and one for endurance

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You said this much better than I could. I agree 100% and will check out 7 Occult Money Rituals. I’m fine financially (could stop working and be fine for about 10 years) but I finally want to focus on earning an income doing something that makes me want to get up in the morning. BTW, The 4 hour work week book is fantastic.

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The OP is already a stock investor.

It’s a lot of work to keep tabs on businesses both in terms of analysing the financial reports, and/or watching the charts. He’s looking for ways to increase intuition or use divination to make stock picking easier or faster.

Please keep this topic about the OP, not general money advice on how to invest or make money. I know we’re all used to newbies asking basic starter questions, but the OP is new to magick not finance… Help him with magick advice!

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