Money magic

In African/Haitian voudou they have these spells where the magicians cast it on money they own…and give it to others.(ordinary people)… Then the magician receives amount of money from different of people mysteriously…

But in western magic I don’t know …or let say I have never heard such spells…

Can any one help me with that…

Also may I ask if there is any spirit who can assist in gambling…

Let say I woke up feeling in dollar dollar sign today…


The only thing similar that I know of is something Romany Gypsies do when making a transaction: they give a small coin back to the buyer, this brings luck, and ensures they are never without.


I know some conjure I’ll pencil out for you on desktop shortly, Its similar/ the same as hoo/voo doo. You’ll need a few items, red ribbon, lodestones (magnetite) paper currency, attraction oil, rum or essence of 21 hot peppers, and some blessed herbs or roots of the conjurers choice. Sigil magick works well too as well as candle magick, that’s what I’m working on now.


Interesting. I never knew that this was also a voudon thing too. I do a version of this with offerings to Clauneck, leaving sigilized and charged bills in a crossroad near my house. Jupiter workings have led me to do exactly as described in the OP, taking a sigilized and empowered bill and either giving it to someone in the spirit of benevolence when they are in need, or using it to get someone what they need in the same spirit.

And yes, it does work. The money comes.


People do do this but they see the luck but not the magick. They give a dollar to a business for good luck to help the business grow and put their signature on it and the resturant puts it on their wall. Soon they have a whole wall full of dollars. The customers dollars attract more customers and dollars.

There is a popular local restaurant that the wall is so covered in dollars it looks like wallpaper when you first walk in. They have to take them off the wall when it gets full every month. About $1000 worth.

Makes me think of Ducktales. A cartoon I know but Scrooge mcduck kept the first dime he earned in a vault. There is a witch who is always trying to steal it because she says it has power. I remember as a kid thinking thats ridiculous bit now I don’t think so.


Now this is just wonderously wierd! We will need to delve deeper into this, relating to western magic…

Now this is interesting indeed and got me curious… I wonder… would it work with sigilizing and charged coins and bills in a similar fashion, and strew them across the city? They will be picked up by someone after all, and that someone will feel good about it - having found some unexpected (albeit small) currency, triggering the spell?

Just a thought though… it’s off to the street lab I guess…


That’s the spirit! I really think there are multiple things going on with this. In the case of Clauneck, it is an offering, coupled with a lesson. In the case of Jupiter, it is more of a lesson. In terms of magickal psychology, when you do something kind for someone, it can cause a sense of deserving good things for the self, which leaves you nice and open for your money magick to work effectively.

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Abramelin square for gold coins, open it and charge it as a sigil. keep it with you until sum of money is recieved.

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I don’t know how to use those squares …but also walking around with a sigil in a wallet …that’s difficult

But thanks anyway… At least yo have given me an idea…

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Thank you for your contribution guys…be blessed…


let me give you a link

the 1st one

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write it down and open it as you would a sigil.

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Curious, why?


Okay I will do that …thanks for the help…