Money, How to find it with Astrology

So has anyone read this book? Its dated 1994. Ive been on a book buying frenzy :sparkling_heart:


I would try to check how is or was the life of the writter of that book to see if it worked for her

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That’s a good suggestion .

But even if her life turned out bad it doesn’t automatically mean the book if applied doesn’t work.

She could have like alot of us, myself included got lazy and stopped applying it. Or something could have worked against her.

But it is a good idea to see how she made or didnt make it work for her. :smile:

And even if it didnt work for her. I could still take the foundation tweak it into my own work and make it something amazing.


Used any of what is written in the book, yet?

I have a policy of not working with stuff that wasn’t used by those who promote it, and I haven’t ever seen someone getting significantly rich with these things without being a scammer to some degree, nor I’ve known of people making more money with these things than the mundane people who just happen to have talent or have studied, thus I always doubt those titles, as ultimately all the money comes from mundane sources that can be accesed without magic. Not saying that money magick doesn’t work, it’s just that unless the practitioner is disabled in some way, it is often a fake shortcut to skip working and learning, thus feeding the myths of people saying that “oh, that person is successful because of demons!”

Just by working with Lucifuge alone I’ve made more money and found more riches than I ever thought I could. Reading a book to give me insight into more ways to acquire riches isnt a bad thing. I can take what is written twist it and Lucifuge will empower it. There are more way than one to get what you want and having several different avenues is never a bad thing.

I would stay open minded about what I can achieve with anything. It’s the magician that makes the magic and determines weather it will work or not. The book just lays a foundation to start from.

I’m not disabled and work over 40 plus hours as an essential worker right now. I know how to work. I also know how allow magick help boost my work and multiply my money.
There’s no reason why magick shouldn’t be utilized to gain wealth of any kind. Struggling for the sake of struggling because it feels like a shortcut just means you’ll be working harder to achieve things you want. Magick helps money and wealth flow in with more efficiently and not have to kill yourself doing it. I’m all for working im also all for using magick to boost me over the top.


Just got it. But I plan to use it.


It was just my humble opinion


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The writer had an interesting life… tried to take astrology to the next level (beyond esoteric fields). She created Astrodatabank.

I would like to read your experiences with it. :slight_smile:

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I will post any experiences I have.
Thank you for the information :grinning: