Money evocation success

This is kinda fucking me up because this actually worked. I have several investments in my palms and the final piece to it has been given to me a couple hours ago. Once I get this rolling I will never be broke again. As nub as I do sound the experience of actually seeing this play out feels strange. I don’t remember the name of the demon I summoned but he came through for me.


And I think I speak for all of us here at BALG when I say, FIND OUT THE NAME OF THAT DEMON!


In all seriousness congrats. Did you ask for vast amounts of wealth? Or did you just ask for sound investments?

I remember the sygil of the demon so ile look it up and post it. but this one in particular helps with wealth in all regions of your life. Something to that extent. I honestly don’t remember exactly what I asked for

Halah’thor is his name. His sygil is in mastering evocation course by E.A.

The sigil is on page 132 of the Book of Azazel.