Money energies (need help)

Heyheyhey guys, ive been having a issue, ive been running my tattoo shop for like 6 years now and its been great when it comes to clients and business, but as of late ive been working alot on my spiritual journey, meditation and astral senses, doing alot of meditations even using Enns and other chants to connect more with Lucifer, my normal week a get a client a day and since ive been doing energy work and reconnecting with the Gods clients have been cancelling , in one week I had all my clients cancel , like all the clients I had booked for the week, and this week also started of quiet, can anyone help, I dont know if its coz of all the energies Iā€™m working with, meditations, astral senses practices , ive never had this problem before, just want the clients to get back to Rollin in like its always has been and clear any blocks, what I can do to get back on track, Rite, meditation, spell, anything please let me know

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