Money Bowl - Candle Magick

I have been a busy little sorcrerer in the past couple of days :rofl::rofl: Today I want to share with you awesome people my money bowl spell.

If anyone is interested I will list the ritual.

Prior to this I listened to some Binaural Beats dedicated to Lucifer as I meditated.

As I was working through the spell I put some battle music from the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game to imbue a great deal of uplifting and positive energy into the spell.


This looks great! Did you let the candle burn down all the way and cover all the goodies? What did you do with the remains?

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Yes I let the candle burned down until I could perform some cereomancy (candle wax reading) to determine the outcome. The remains of wax I kept as it was done in a positve working and added it to wax I have done from other working which I might create some kind of wax talisman in the future. The bay leaves and cinnamon sticks were returned to their respectful jars to be used for next time, still charged with positive energy and intent. My petition was added to my coin storage so it could continue to charge the coins with my intent

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Pls I’m in interested ,send the items