Money and runes

Any one use rune for money.any good success whit it?

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employ the fehu rune


Yes but I mean a mix like fehu& laguz.&Andy’s. I just not want to create a huge backwards mistake.thsnks for answer.

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if you’re not looking for mistakes fehu on its own is you safest bet, unless someone else comes by with another suggestion

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Thank you I will. I have try a few stiles but not taroth. I’m stepping up.and try all I can I will print it hand print the runes as a seal.thanks dude bcse I chk forum and it’s not much info on it.thanks again

Fehu certainly. I scribed it on my wrist for a month and got tons of small jobs offers and big job offers and a roommate. Be sure to use it upright, not merkstave


Can I draw it on candles?

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