Money and how to get it from unseen forces

Made a post about this last month about what spirits to go to for a certain amount of money ($1-6,000) ASAP. Asking that someone tells me what exactly to do to get that money. Nothing works, just got a bunch of names mostly with no idea how to go to those spirits. I want to find out what i need to do to get this money by means of evocation or whatever. Please no cinnamon spice herb spells bullshit that a easy going halloween witch mom would use. I want cash. And i need it ASAP my time is running out. No talk about how dangerous this could be either.


Maybe one day people will realize that living this way doesn’t do any favors for anyone even the people who think they benefit from it.


Do you know how to evoke or even invoke a spirit?
Name is all you need! However you can find spirits sigils online to use!

I would suggest something else while you figure magick out.
How much money can you spare? Even 1 cent would help. Put that money under your pillow and look at it before you sleep and as soon as you wake up. While you repeat “I’m money”.
Do this until you are rich and had enough! It might be slow or fast depending on how your vibration starts to resonate with money vibration.


So then why are you on this site? Kinda hypocritical. If you’re not gonna respond with an actual answer you’re just about as good as a old cellar penny.

Yes i know how to use a sigil and evoke a spirit. I’ve done it before and have contacts with a few spirits. However I wanted to know what spirit can get me money fast. Does this penny trick really work? Why not $100? Sounds like some tooth fairy myth tbh. I want a spirit to summon.

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Bune or Lucifuge


I’m not talking about the occult lifestyle I’m talking about the economic model the world follows. I don’t think you are going to have any success with the mindframe you currently have.


Ok so people gave you names, what did you do with them? Most spirits can get you money even if its not their specialty.

Lol! I said whatever you can spare! $100 works too!
I am trying to help you help yourself, and changing your vibration and mindset is the first step towards money!
Even if a spirit is trying to give you money, you aren’t ready to receive it based on your vibration. And this is the easiest way to change your vibration to money vibration.


If you know how to use a sigil and summon a spirit, why not ask one of them directly?

Despair, Anger, Arrogance, Pride and Lust for results. An ideal mix to go wrong and fail.

I wish you good luck.


I would evoke the Search Function and actually read the results and comments.

If I had an old cellar penny for every time this was asked, I’d be ($1-6000) richer, for sure.


Did u try the abremelin squares.kowtting has a book were he call a seal for fast money,also .lmk chk my books and post here,are in USA?

My prosperity spells work best for me when they are simple.

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Magickal cash book by Damon brand or occult riches by Damon brand.