Money altar 💸

Hello everyone.
This morning I thought about it because yesterday I watched Reverend Ike and he talked about that money is something like an entity. Everything is energy.
I thought to make an money altar.Do anyone have an altar similar altar for prosperity? And with what things to decorate money altar? It’s the same like an altar for an entity right? Everything is energy.

Green candles and actual money are popular.

As an animist I get that money can be worked with as an entity. I see a slight difference between currency and money, and wealth. You might want to focus on wealth rather than just money.

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Thank You :hugs: May I ask why for some people altars dont work? Like they dont have aby changes in their finance state

You’d have to work that out on a case by case basis. Which in itself is a good learning tool.

Magik can fizzle, they can fail to act in the physical to ground the manifestation, it can be blocked, they could be cursed, it can take longer than expected, it can manifest is ways they didn’t want or don’t recognise… etc etc.
It will depend on the person, the situation, thier skills and the surrounding circumstances.

For examples, alters are great at making relationships and for some, worshiping. That doesn’t help if the person doesn’t get a request though. The altar may be working fine for what alters do - but it’s like having friends with money and not asking them to lend you any.