Monday mornings with Prince Orobas and artwork

God this painting is SO MUCH work…Gotta remember that this is a tribute to my Patron Prince Orobas. This is building up my magickal skills as well. Gotta remember to paint without lust for results.

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Good morning everyone. It’s time to start Monday mornings with Prince Orobas.
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!

It’s been a busy week with the Prince.

Did a miserable job keeping track of dreams again this week. I think it’s because I moved my bed. I don’t know.

I have a friend working closely with the Prince currently and I dreamed of her tonight summoning him and him fulfilling her tasks. I’ll have to share the dream With her.

My painting for Prince Orobas is coming along nicely but it’s Alot of work.

Painting without lust for results…
I remind myself that the only way forward is through. One color at a time.

I’ve been fielding alot of questions about Prince Orobas this week. It’s like he’s becoming a popular spirit again. Which is good. I’m happy that so many people are interested in knowing him.

I was having a cigarette with him and joked that we could start a religion and he could be a titled God and I could be his mouthpiece and priest.
He laughed and laughed and laughed, he snorts when he laughs also it’s funny. He says I don’t want to be a God, think of all the responsibility. All the people praying to you for this and for that. If you grant the prayers they keep coming back for more and more, if you don’t then they ridicule you and call you a false God. Nope he said I’m perfectly content right where I’m at. I need to be free he said.

That should give our readers Abit of insight into how some Daemons feel about becoming Gods. Not every spirit is interested.

Well that’s all for now but Monday ain’t over yet.

Here’s a song from the bush album deconstructed. He really likes Bush. :racehorse::racehorse::tophat:


Thier names are never spoken, thier curse is never broken…black mirror.

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Ok so it’s not Monday but I’ve got some Prince Orobas fascinating updates to share.

Yesterday I was spending some time with my magickal group and I offered a cigarette to the Prince and he tells me a message for one of my group mates.

He said tell him that he needs to pay attention to the circumambulation of the light during the middle pillar if he intends to do the bornless Ritual immediately after.

So I tell him and it turns out he’s working on the microcosmic orbit ritual. Which is a another version of middle pillar. Very similar.

Wow I’m really hearing the great Prince Orobas. This is astounding and astonishing.

One thing I’ve learned about the prince is if you want to get him to talk offer him a cup of coffee and cigarette. He really enjoys our human pleasures.


PO approved listening materials.

E.A. Koettering said something like “once you can hear the spirits they never quit talking”

Wow he’s right on!

Always by my side…


Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!
Good morning everyone!
Welcome to Monday mornings with Prince Orobas!

This week I’ll share some of the previous weeks experiences.

I had a friend inquire to me if the man they were interested in has another woman on the side.

So I lit up the Orobas spirit candle and went and asked him.
Does J. Have another woman on the side?

O: he’s interested in another woman with whom he works but it is nothing.

My friend pressed me for details. Asking if this will derail her plans with the man.

O: it is nothing she will not have him she is not interested.

My friend probed the situation further and found out that day that there is a woman that J. has been expressing some interest in. But just as Prince Orobas had said the woman wasn’t interested.

Wow…he knows past present and future…wow.

Alright another situation.

Another friend wanted to be reconciled with a friend. Thier relationship suffered a poisonous spat.

I evoked Prince Orobas and formally gave him a charge to bring the friends back together again and to take the venom out of their relationship. I’ve given him one month to complete the task.

( This is noteworthy because of my pact with Prince Orobas I rarely evoke him to ask for things anymore, it’s just not necessary. I did so because this isn’t for me this is for a friend).

I had a dream the following evening that a man I didn’t know was bitten by a snake and was poisoned. I was using a syringe and trying to suck the poison out of the vein. A strange dark skinned man was with me ( Prince Orobas in human form my guess).

The next day while burning a candle for the goal I noticed a large amount of waxy run off from the candle. I asked Prince Orobas what was going on and got a picture in my mind of a horse shoveling bullshit. Hahaha Prince Orobas has a sense if humor. He was saying he’s taking the toxicity out of the relationship.

Then came the weekend. The two former friends spoke and chatted pleasantly. Things seemed to be better. This is only one week into the timeline and it looks like we’re way ahead of schedule. Thanks Prince Orobas.

I found that Prince Orobas likes talking if you know how to listen to him. He enjoys coffee and cigarette breaks and will tell you all kinds of things that turn out to be true later.

Lastly here is the progress I’ve made with painting my tribute piece for the Prince. It’s a labor of love. He hasn’t said anything yet but I sense he’s touched that I care for him enough to do something like this.

Final point. Spirits have thoughts, feelings, wants and needs just like we do. Treat a spirit well and watch how he takes care of you.


Comments or questions are welcome everyone.

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If you permit me to comment on your journal, I would say that I have found the accounts of your interactions with the Great Prince Orobas awesome and really inspiring. I have been inspired by your writings to call on the great Prince and have found him to be everything that you have described and more. He landed me a huge contract within days of my contacting him and has brought more accuracy and precision to my divinatory practice.

I cannot speak more highly of the nature of this prince of the Infernal order, I have asked Orobas for a pact and he has readily agreed even though I am still a bit hesitant and waiting to see definitive results of certain things I have asked of him. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, for presenting Prince Orobas in the light that you have thus bringing more awareness of his constancy to the rest of us. Ciao


Your words bring me great joy and gladness. I’m happy something I brought to our community has blossomed in this way.

I have been pacted with the Great Prince Orobas for 21 years and never once have I regretted it. You will find you will not need to ask him for much because he will perform many services for you without your even asking. He is good, trustworthy, loyal, honest and steadfast.

I wish you well on your ride with the great Prince. You are always most welcome to post or share your Orobas experiences here as well.

So be it!


This is simply amazing! I would like to know whether during the 21 year period you worked solely with Prince Orobas or alongside other entities? I ask because some other entities, Azazel for instance (in my experience would not allow workings with other entities whilst in a pact with him).

I do seem to recall you mentioning working with other entities also, so can I assume that forming a pact with Prince Orobas is by no means to the exclusion of other Goetics?


Yes this is true I worked closely with Azazel for 2 years (complete hell…) I was never pacted with Azazel though he came to me unexpectedly. I think Prince Orobas was in the background during that time. Azazel you’re right is a very very powerful spirit that doesn’t tolerate any interference in what he’s doing.

You can work with other spirits and even pact with other spirits and Prince Orobas doesn’t mind. I’ll be pacting with King Bael soon and Prince Orobas just said go for it.

Funny you should ask but another Magician and I are helping a friend right now and we’re evoking a total of 6 Goetic spirits to complete this layered task. Prince Orobas is the team leader and coordinator of the other spirits. He definitely works well with others and has administrative and leadership qualities. The other spirits respect him greatly.

Once your pacted with him I recommend doing meditation and trance work with him and just ask him to mentally send you a message or sentence to develop your hearing, or a touch on the hand, or a scent, ect. To build up your senses.

You’ll find you don’t need to formally evoke him once you’re pacted because he’s really always by your side. Once you learn how he operates and what his signature looks like you’ll see him acting on your behalf in the background of your life all the time without being requested.

If you do need to evoke him for something formal , a charge or task ect. You’ll find he responds to your evocation call very quickly.

Oh another big benefit of pacting with him. You can have him present when evoking other Spirits and he will never allow you to be decieved by parasites imposters or trickster spirits. He won’t countance it.


Great tips, thank you very much.


Glad to share them with you. I know you and he are going to have some awesome times together!
Skies the limit now my friend.

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Prince Orobas really enjoys this song.

I know it’s not Monday but this Couldn’t wait. I finally finished the cherry blossom tribute painting for Prince Orobas. I will present it to him formally during an evocation on Saturday.

Hail Prince Orobas
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!



Btw… it’s Wednesday :wink: I don’t find that unusual you finished or posted on a Wednesday for him!


Took an entire month of color/ number torture but it’s finished


Just my way of saying thank you to a fantastic Prince that has added so much joy and sweetness, magick and mystery and power to my life. I hope he enjoys it.

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I’d say Wednesday (mercury) is a decent indication he approves :wink:

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