Monday mornings with Prince Orobas and artwork and music

That’s pretty cool, my friend :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much.:racehorse:

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Woohoo! Love your badass seals @Mike_Bee ! Thanks for appreciating them and putting to great use in all your working. Its a pleasuee to be part of it in that way, especially bec youve taught and guided me a lot with mine.

I give credit to @56cpdb for teaching me that - black art paper with liquid chalk. And playing the spirits enn while working on the seals. Amazing stuff!

@DarkestKnight art paper like an artists sketchbook works too. You can have a ringed notebook of seals if you choose to. For @Mike_Bee and myself, the paper is black cartolina. We use metallic sharpies (gold silver bronze) and liquid chalk. I really like how the liquid chalk registers against the black paper.


Marchosias is a Great Marquise of Hell who rules over 30 legions of spirits. She is the 35th Spirit out of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. She was of the Angelic Order of Dominion before her fall and she hopes to return to the Seventh Throne in Heaven after 1200 years.

My next adventure…

There’s a thread and I’ll add it here in a little bit that talks about the idea of evoking all 72 of the Goetic spirits. There’s a theory that it will unlock certain parts of the brain or open up latent abilities. It also magnifies your Magickal abilities too.

I’m not sure I’m committing to this quest but I am enjoying meeting these spirits and experiencing them. I like going into the evocation with very little information about the spirit before hand other than what the books say. Then I can compare my experience to others. Interesting how it lines up, or interesting how it doesn’t.

Here’s the link I found.


I secretly have a crush on Marchosias.

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Hahaha @Tigris I thought you were joking that this was a female spirit. I thought for sure it was male before I evoked it. Yes it is female.

This is a very affable and beginner friendly spirit. Her demeanor is pleasant and kind. She didn’t have the light fluffy vibe of marquis Phenex but she definitely registered more on the angelic side of the spectrum to me. This spirit can be fierce and loyal and her bite is probably really strong.

I asked to see her and was shown what reseblemled a valkyrie in my mind. I didn’t see her in wolf form. A dark haired woman with a long ponytail. Wings maybe but wearing armor and a sword.

Awesome spirit. Responded very quickly even on a cold call. If you haven’t experienced Marquis Marchosias yet put her on your to do list. This was an excellent meet and greet.
I confirmed what the DOM said about her scaring off enemies and also being a help in business and for guidance.


Morning meditation with King Bael.

Used the charcoal this morning to offer and enjoy frankincense to King Bael.

Very pleasant.


A morning meditation with Prince Orobas. Amazing the conversations that I have with him. I feel very blessed to have such a friend.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about a Magickal technique for layered Goetic magick that I developed with a fraternity brother. This technique added a great deal of coordination and juice to the overall working. I look forward to seeing everyone there for our next session of Monday mornings with Prince Orobas.
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!


Thank you for sharing!

This gives me confidence, shes now on my list for a meet and greet.

Sending my appreciation of your journal, by the way. Sharing your evocation experiences on here is invaluable information for “beginners” like me. Like a compass for me to know where to go and how to tread…

Very informative and insightful! Keep writing!

Hail Prince Orobas! :horse:


@Dragon_Empress20 glad you’re enjoying the journal. I’ll try my best to keep the material consistently good quality. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. Hail Prince Orobas!


Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!

Good morning everyone, it’s the witching hour, my morning (my time). Time for Monday mornings with Prince Orobas!

Today we’re going to talk about a ground breaking method of layering Goetic magick.

First we need to talk about something that PO specifically asked me to address.

My association with PO over the years has resulted in me becoming a more honest person both with myself and other people. It’s like his influence on me has rubbed off. The result has been an increase in honesty.

There is a common perception that people who associate with “demons” are either immoral or become immoral because the spirits sinister energy rubs off on the practicioner. This perception needs to change. It’s like saying that all people are all the same.

The truth seems to be that angels and demons affect people differently and it really depends on the practicioner and the spirit. It’s impossible to make blanket statements that cover entire classifications of spirits with broad generalities.

Ok there PO is satisfied that I’ve covered that.

Now to the main event.

Here’s the concept. In Goetic layered workings the magician is calling several spirits to address specific issues relating to a single goal. We all know this concept and we’ve seen it put to amazing use. This is nothing new. What I’m going to discuss today has not been seen on balg yet to the best of my knowledge. ( If I’m wrong forgive me :smiley:). This new concept was developed by myself and @raven_fire a fraternity brother and order mate. I’m sharing this with the forum because I genuinely want to give back and share with my fellow practicioners and Magicians. Here’s the concept.

Administration and coordination of Goetic spirits under one “team leader” spirit all for the furtherance of the magicians goal.

The example I’m going to use was a real situation. @raven_fire and I were called to assist a friend with romance problems. This was a love triangle involving soul mates. This was a very difficult set if circumstances. Id call it an 8 or 9 out of 10 in difficulty.

We decided we were going to call Prince Orobas to reconcile them as friends and take the venom out if the relationship. Prince Orobas was appointed team leader. Next, Duke Dantalion to change the mind of the person involved. Marquis Leraje to attack the other relationship in the love triangle. The Duchess Gremory for “la passion”. Marquis Amon to bring exes back together, and finally king Bael to promote our friends interests and remove obstacles.

Now a regular layered Goetic working would have these six spirits each acting independently of eachother. What we did here was bring them all together under the leadership and administration of Prince Orobas. Now each spirit knows it’s function and role and serves for a greater cause under one leader spirit.

How we structured this was prince Orobas and Duke Dantalion had one month to complete thier goals respectively. Next weekend marquis leraje and marquis Amon were called for thier part of the operation, they were given three weeks to complete thier task so that thier efforts ended and culminated with the efforts of Prince Orobas and Duke Dantalion. The following weekend we called King Bael and Duchess Gremory giving them two weeks to complete thier assigned tasks. So all efforts ended and we’re synchronized together. This was a staggered staging effect. It worked wonders.
The results were a total touch down! A decisive victory over extremely adverse circumstances.

The end result was a total victory over very adverse circumstances. A touchdown! The results were fantastic. The couple was brought back together.

All of the spirits recognized and respected Prince Orobas authority and direction on the project. Instead of having six uncoordinated spirits we had a dream team of Goetic talents under the wise, far sighted supervision of Prince Orobas.

If you try this yourself without using Prince Orobas as the team leader it will probably still work just fine. I would however recommend making the appointed team leader atleast a prince or king so that the other spirits respect thier authority.

Now when you call the team leader spirit you evoke as you normally would and explain that other spirits are going to serve in different capacities under his direction. When you call the other spirits you do it as you normally would and when you give the charge you send them to the team leader to report and begin fulfilling thier particular task.

This had a tremendous synergistic effect that you can use in your layered Goetic workings.

Thank you once again @raven_fire for developing this and co operating with me in the actual operation.

If this is old news to some of you or if we discover this technique has been done before I apologize in advance. I meant well.

That’s all for today. Special thanks to spirit “Ryvoren” it was a pleasure to meet you last night and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks everyone for your readership.


Very interesting system. I wonder if you could get some of the names, sigils and specialties of Prince Orobas’s commanders under him, you could structure a working like that. And I wonder how it would be if you call on Lucifer to be the commander of each working, making it a Demonic variant of how one might call upon appropriate ‘God Names’, Archangels, and the Hosts of Angels in Kabbalistic Magick.


That’s thinking way outside the box @Dankquanicus. :+1: That’s like light years ahead of me… hahahaha I like the concept though. I wonder how PO would feel about it. I think many Magicians don’t realize it’s not actually the Goetic spirit themselves working on the Magicians charge. It’s usually been delegated to the Spirits subordinates. It’d be interesting to map out this command structure and try to employ it in the kabbalistic sense as you suggested.


That’s true, but seems to be useful to call upon the subordinates themselves for specialized tasks. All the Goetia Demons would be subordinates to Lucifer, but there are some things that one would call upon the various Goetia Demons for rather than ask Lucifer for directly. Similarly, I find from others that the Christian/Jewish God acts with a special strength when called for 3 key areas: Protection, Justice, and Rain, as that is what he was historically called on for. But one would rather call on Archangel Haniel for matters of love, even though they would be under the Christian God. And I’m sure Odin and Thor have many spirits under them that work in similarly specialized fields.

I suppose since each with each spirit that is the overseer, they work with their intelligence specifically, as they are the ones commanding rather than being commanded by their subordinates. So it can be helpful to call on a subordinate to utilize their specialty specifically. Even each Legion has different troops and specialists, and the commander of each Legion can only act with their knowledge and intelligence.


Hi @Mike_Bee, this is a very nice post you have here and congrats for pulling it together.
I have a question though.

May I ask what was the thinking behind deciding on King Bael for this part?

I’ve often read that Belial or Vine are good for removing obstacles and just did a search and found that Ganesha has also provided results, so I’m interested to hear why you chose Bael ?

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This was largely an intuitive move on out part. Were both pacted with King Bael and he does ALOT more than just grant invisibility. One of his many powers is to be able to grant popularity and promote someone’s image. That’s why we chose king Bael. Also his status as prime among 72 gave the team a great morale booster.


All of this is true, you’re right.

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This idea is similar, though not exactly the same, to what we do with our “Magical Friends With Benefits” operations. We select one spirit to oversee the entire project (usually Lucifer or Hecate as they are respected by most everyone) and they make sure every magician pulls their weight and fulfils their commitment. Participants are free to use whatever magick, or spirits, they prefer to carry out the appointed tasks, but everything is coordinated by the Operator in charge, who is usually in touch with the patron spirit. The patron will know if someone is not doing what they’re supposed to, and that in turn will usually result in their removal from the group.

Nice, @Mike_Bee! :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic @DarkestKnight I’d love to put something like that together. I guess my idea wasn’t exactly original lol, cool group idea.


We have the MFWB threads pop up semi-regularly. It just depends on who is willing to be the operator in charge and run the thing as it takes a lot of time and energy to coordinate everybody. Angelb1083 ran the last one, and I think the next is slated for August, if you want to participate. It does involve doing magick every day, though, for members of the group. The only day you don’t have to do anything is the one day where everyone is doing magick for you :slight_smile:

I think Prince Orobas would be a great patron for the MFWB.