Moms last words- did they mean anything?

Hello all

So it took me forever to ask this because well it was painful but it’s been almost a year now since she passed and I’m ready to ask…

My mom was sick and when I was tol how bad it was getting I drove all night to the other state where she was . When I arrived and walked into the house and saw her, for a split second I thought it was an elderly dying neighbor or family member , until I walked closer and realized it was my mom. In that moment I knew she was on her way out.

I spent the next three days trying to sit next to her, sing to her, feed her, help her with the oxygen tank.

She was very heavily medicated-so she was nodding off and talking about some things that sounded like hallucinations until…

I came back home from having ran to the store and she was sitting in the bed talking to my father. When I came in she was like “do you hear it?” She seemed really excited and I said no mommy I’m sorry I don’t hear what your hearing and she said she heard an angel singing a prophecy.

She also asked me to cover up the mirrors because she would keep looking at them and asking “ who is that guy over there?” She asked me to cover them because she didn’t want to see the people coming through the mirrors.

Lastly she got really agitated all of a sudden and took off her oxygen mask and tried to run outside! My brother and I tried to calm her down because she kept saying that we were all trying to kill her and she told me I was evil.

Finally we were able to get her to walk into the living room and she laid on the floor saying how she could hear a lot of people screaming.

Finally she calmed down and later on in the evening I walked into her room. She was not in a frenzy and I was able to tell her I love her. She told me too. I hugged her bony body but in that hug I experienced awhat I can only describe as a burst of pure love exploding in my arms. It’s like all the love she had her fragile body had to push that energy to me one last time.

I told her goodnight and walked outside. It was in the country side so I saw this crazy lightning all of a sudden in the whole sky.

It rained that way all night. In the morning she was gone.

I have wondered in the months since this happened if some of the last things she told me about seeing people from the mirror could have been actually her seeing spirits and getting ready to pass over? Or do you think and know in your experience that it was probably just the medication?


Well, I don’t have much knowledge in this part but I know when one is so close - seeing spirits happens.

My grandpa would place his palm by his ear like he is making a phone call, and would be communicating with his father, “I’m coming home soon; how is everyone there…”. Many things like that…at times it would be a long dead family member. He gon’ be talking like it’s for real.

I heard of a man who would rise from his sick bed and goes like, “oh welcome, move away let them come in. How have you people been? Oh don’t worry, i will join you soon”. And one night like that, he hugged all his family members around him, and said, “they are here, it’s time to go. Ahh I’m going home”. And he passed out.

So I don’t wanna believe it’s the medication, but as I said earlier I’m not so knowledgeable about this.


Some think mirrors are portals for spirits to get into this world so it fits.


Well I do know that when one is so close they become more intuitive. I understand this is painful but is there any history of psychic ability in your family. I’ve noticed that there is a genetic connection to this gifts. Also mirrors are a way for us to see into the spirit world. We use them to scry and so on. Maybe it was an gift that had been locked away. What you describe reminds be of the gift awakening in a child. It can be terrifying to one who has never experienced it.

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I think both caused that effect… the medication probably caused the altered state of consciousness needed to have a connection with the spiritual realm. This may happen naturally or by specific triggers. Like medication or mental and physical actions that causes Gnosis state to be activated in the mind.

Old people and very young children, have weak conscious mind naturally. Their subconscious is way more active than the rest of us. Add to that additional factors like medication or extreme emotional states and the connection will happen… they’ll start to mention sensing things that we can’t see or hear. Unfortunately most people dismiss the whole thing and simply believe it’s just childish imagination or aging “signs”.