Mom having tests done in hospital overnight, not sure what to do

She’s having some heart tests done, and so far so good, but does anyone have any good method of helping things along? I could use any metaphysical help I can get to help her through this and have things come back alright on these tests. She’s been stressed about her health ever since her sister died from cancer recently.

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Find the sigil of marbas, open and activate the sigil, ask the demon for helping your mother health along.

With red pen write your mother’s name and write that you want her healthly again.
Offer blood on to the sigil, fold it up and try and place it under her bed or pillow.

When she’s asleep enter mediation visualise the power of the demon flood through the sigil entering your mothers sleeping body, seeing the energy heal your mother.

You could also pray for her too, sometimes prayer in Magick helps.


As mentioned before Marbas but Raphael is also a good choice. He works fast and thoroughly. I’ve even had him enhance my own healing abilities in my hands. Literally healed someone with tremors within a minute or less. Although with the personal healing ability you do need to know how to draw and push energy (which Lucifer helped me further my own abilities in that as well). But once you do have that ability unlocked, you’ll be able to heal people yourself.


Raphael once “referred me to” Marbas so I think they are able to work together fwiw.

This is super-simple:

If you’re not happy about working with angelic beings, this is neutral:


Buer, Bael and Astaroth can also help with healing.

Apollo as well.

If you’re working with a Spirit for this purpose, go with your gut.


Took some suggestions last night and everything worked out fine today. Thank you all!


Spot on! Marbas deals with all health and healing and the reverse. Marbas is a Solar Lowborn demon who has a very unique understanding of health and wellness. He is a doctor and a surgeon, having a vast and deep understanding of the treatment of various diseases and conditions. He may not be able to cure your mother but he might help her recover.