I need information… Apparently I’ve been dealing with him for years and he just goes by many names but he explained it like this to me it’s almost like he has alter egos. Baal, Ra, and I’m not mentioning the others but you get the point. Moloch is one that for years is a name that has yet to be mentioned but I was told it was his name… any information?

What specifically are you looking for besides what can be found on the internet?

Something different… hopefully one of u surprise me

I know that the Moloch aspect of the deity it said is to be feared and it said for me to never to say the name out loud because it wants to protect be at all times. I have a bond with the spirit

I’m just learning about this moloch thing as of last night. I thought I knew everything about the spirit I was dealing with for years but apparently I was wrong but we live and learn but I don’t mind honestly

Well, He does have a very malevolent side to him and the current he’s in, all most on the same level as Ahriman, so that’s something to consider.

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Check out V.K .Jehannum’s stuff on Moloch. He has an interesting breakdown of what Moloch can do for the magician.

Just search for it on google. His site is full of info on a ton of other spirits and what they can do for you as well. He really breaks it down in a way that’s specific, unlike the old grimoires vague terms of their abilities.

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