Modifying NAP

If I were to use the NAP « CHANT TO BRING SUCCESS« but replace the name of the entity with another entity , would it hypothetically work ?

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The entity you replace it with would need to be aligned with the current of success you’d want.

I don’t know the details but if you replaced the name with and angel of courage I’m sure it’d work.

But the ritual was designed with the intention of working with that entity because they are already in the current of success. So I’d say do the prescribed ritual before you start experimenting.

Also I recommend The second addition of NAP because it has no entities and I much simpler.

Lady Eva (the old mod and overall badass) recommend I to me and it really helped me develop my senses and get me started with magick.

You can find it of I believe. Its out of print now and the only copy goes for $500. We don’t share files here so you’ll have to look I up yourself but I know it exists since I got I that way.

The entity is one of 8 beings in a text . He is often invoked with others . These are the 8 “Angels” of omnipotence of Jareth and found in the Books of Moses