Modification of EA Curse

It has recently come to my attention that I need to completely immobilized an enemy. This is not just any enemy, but someone I was close to. Or, in correction of that thought, I thought I was close to. As it turns out, this person is completely without any conscience.

Not only is this person doing magic against me herself, she is also hiring witches to do magic against me, and is the member of the coven.

I wanted to ask about the chicken feet curse. Is it possible to use this curse, while at the same time neutralizing any further magical baneful energies coming my way.

When I was thinking of doing was; after tying the chicken feet to the picture, dipping them in black salt, and then burying the Effigee in black salt in the Shoebox prior to burial in a graveyard. I was also informed, that using mirrors inside of the box help to send the energy is back to where they came. Perhaps placing a mirror on top of the shoe box, and aiming the energy back into the buried picture, chicken feet, and black ribbon and additional black salt.

I do not underestimate the validity of the magic of EA. Obviously if he has ahead of her form like this, and a movement such as what he is, he was placed here for a purpose,

Does this sound like it will work?


Be careful combining reversal methods with a curse you set, it could be like addressing it as “return to sender” - aka, you!


The mirror is to be placed inside, facing the Effigy.


makes so much sense- the reversal shit. how would you blind them -

Only with the same magic they are trying to throw. You turn it back on them. It really depends on what they use to throw. In the case of the cunt I used to know, spider webs fell over her eyes when she summoned Bune during evocation. So binding with Spider silk is the way to do it. The fucking cunt won’t know what hit her.

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