Modern day terrors

Here we go again … Past Ramadan, past Chanaukah, nearing Christmas … and terror attacks and paranoid/proactive countermeasures being put in place.

So … what can be done magically, to … as a man named Jules Pitt once said … “Go back inside and chill them niggas out, and wait for The Wolf, who should be arriving directly.”?

I literally have no idea what your talking about,
Should I have the telly on or something?

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The terrors from the world of Islam. Some bombing overseas (a subway I believe), and then US goes proactive in building barricades around some suspected target.
Insanity on both sides.

Say what?!?! I should watch the news more. Ugh. But I don’t like it.

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This topic have been spoken about a lot here.

and here.

And should probably be moved to one of them, BUT to answer the OP’s question, [quote=“charles9, post:21, topic:10258”]
The facilitators of the problem are cultural marxism/social justice and millions of well meaning but dangerously naive people. Deal with that and most of the other problem will end much sooner.
Trying to open the eyes of the willfully blind to the nature of the threat and also show them just how badly they been lied to about it is very slow work but progress is being made.

Indeed, it much more fun to use magick to create the news. :smiling_imp:


Yes, please keep this kind of thing to one of those threads, I’ll close this one now @charles9 has helpfully provided the links. :thumbsup: