Model for Comprehension of Entities

Some of us believe entities are out of us, others inside. Subconscious and conscious are very common word use in a different ways. Personally, I always think in demon names, but casually, I read this demon name previously. So, maybe, its just my respect for demons, that named part of my subconscious. That’s not all.

Imagine the universe, infinite. There are thousand of beings with different names, also there are people like you infinite times, with your same name, your same personality…

Let’s put the next piece. There are part of our mind that is universal, because if it our desire can lead to things that we want based on information that we can’t know, the first sentence is true. Like the localization of other people, etc… And there is a connection between the rest of minds. That is obvious for everyone that plays magic. (And for some who dont, also must be, because they do magic in spite of being unaware)

So it is supposed that u are calling one demon named “X” recreating the description in one book in your mind or reading some book. Okey, let’s see the next example.

U want to have sex with a girl. You create a sigil for that girl “Mia Malkova”, and embodies the thought in a symbol. U get in trance and do the rest. (I’m talking since the perspective of chaos magic) Ok, how your mind knows that the girl “Mia Malkova” is the girl that u see in the streets every morning. Don’t u see?

Imagine there are two twins Mia Malkova that are identically and named equally in your neighbourhood. How the mind knows who is the one you like? And you don’t know any distintive element that can differentiate. Matter of probability I assume. So, Voodoo works for proximity, context, that the limit for equal people are capped. And by the memory and details you approach the success.

Extend this to the multiverse. Imagine u want to fuck a galactic Mia Malkova, how do u attract the one u want if there are infinite Mia Malkovas (I think this is the best part of the model)? Again, context, proximity. Remember is magic is a like mathematical optimization, it follow one path given certain restrictions. The nearest one is the easiest.

Now, do the same with the cosmical entities, gods, deities or whatever you want. There are a demon called “X” given certain conditions that define him. Reached this point, there are some options:

  • Your mind is in the universal Internet and send this info to the most proximal users, and find one according your specifications. As different people, send different things, different entities called the same are getting in touch with them.
  • This name is a definition of your subconscious (personal)
  • As the universal Internet exists, the are part of the subconscious that are shared by us, as we share things that we consciously do. So, this entities are part of shared local subconscious. So, its like download music from Internet.
  • Combinations of them.

PD: I’m sure there is a cosmical entity called Mia Malkova.

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