Mobloch vampirism

hi so iam planning on doing a pact with lord mobloch to become a vampire however it states that me and mobloch are the ones who are gonna negotiate the pact what if the price he asked from me i didn’t like it and i want him to change it any help?

Never enter any negotiation without being prepared to walk away from the table.


is that a joke?

It is wise to change the pact before to make it with Mobloch. If you follow the process given into the book you dont even have to do that as the summoning process has only one purpose : Mobloch entity servitor merging with the recipient. If you change your mind during the ritual it’s not good,there is no such thing as compassion in him…

The best situation in your case would be come to the ritual with a clear idea in mind of what you are going to offer, for exemple weekly/monthly ritual in honor to Moloch and for exemple, a part of the energy you are going to drain being offered to him during this ritual.
If for some ritual, your proposal doesn’t please him, thanks the entity and present your respect before closing the ritual.

Of course, some magicians like to bargain with spirits. This methodology appear pretty common in Africa.