Mixing Egyptian Gods with Geotia Entities

As some of you have read in my past post I requested help with something regarding my boss… I took the advice from one fellow BALG member and called upon Ma’at to reveal the truth of my situation to my boss and show him that I am not the issue at hand… This will help reveal to him what the problems truly are… Now I want to persuade his mind, and remove all of the negative associations that he has built up in his head of me, and replace them with good positive thoughts. I want to remind him of the high value that I bring to the company that bosses typically begin to take for granted once you have been there a while. So I want to summon Paimon and Orobos to change his thoughts. However, I am asking you history buffs out there, will the Egyptian entities work well with the Lesser Goetia Demons? Are they enemies, or are they linked to possibly be the same? Etc… What I definitely do not want to do is to create chaos in my workplace but sending opposing entities to the one man who writes my checks and kick myself in the ass. Any help is appreciated.

Some goetic spirits are actually different faces of some Egyptian gods. IMO

But what I would suggest is evoking them before you do and ask if they are willing to work together


You can also call upon the mixture of the entities. Belial-Paimon.

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I will be calling on 2 demonics, however, what my concern is that I am working with an Egyptian Goddess to target him from the exterior, now I want 2 power demons to target him from within. Just a smidge concerned if there will be any issue.

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I hope you take my opinion into consideration again like you did before.

Generally the goetia spirits don’t clash with the Egyptian spirits. Some of the goetia spirits are masks or ( demonized forms of the Egyptian deities ) classic example of this being Bune who is actually related to the Egyptian goddess Wadjet.

Also Ma’at is a very calm centered being, she is generally not triggered at all by most things because she rationalizes her feelings and emotions.


Nope Ma’at does her own thing


If it is an option for you i would suggest a preliminary evocation of each in turn or all at once before the main operation and ask them if they can work in concert for your goal together with your own power be it elemental, planetary, ect. Then if they are able and willing to work together evoke all 3 and your own ritual together with yours to manifest this end goal.

This seems like the most power route in my eyes.


Thank you all.

Ma’at will work with Azazel.

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U knw its a guy who invoqe all&anything old and new. And it works